By SadDaenerys - 13/07/2016 20:13

Today, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me because I finished the Game of Thrones books before he could finish the TV show. FML
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sounds like you avoided a red wedding

It's a competition or something? You didn't spoil it right?


It's a competition or something? You didn't spoil it right?

Even if she did (which I hope she didn't) that would hardly be a reason to break up!

I would kill for a GoT spoiler

I agree, a simple breakup is nowhere near justice for spoiling game of thrones.

Swandive235 27

The last book George R. R. Martin released is about where season 5 is. So unless her boyfriend was on season 5 of the show, I think it is all fine...

Disagree, depending. It's entirely possible that he repeatedly begged her to keep her mouth shut but she couldn't resist giving spoilers because some people are just like that. That is completely breakup-worthy. Not because GOT being ruined is the worst thing that could ever happen, but because it is a horribly selfish and inconsiderate way to behave and shows an utter lack of respect for the other person. If that's the case, then it's probably part of a larger pattern of behavior over a period of time. Obviously I'm not accusing OP of acting that way, it's just so frequent for somebody to claim, "my girl/boyfriend broke up with me just because I ________!!" when that's not the whole picture at all.

sounds like you avoided a red wedding

Hasn't the show overtaken the books? He would still be ahead?

Mungolikecandy 19

Very true. George R.R. Martin has been working on the most recent one for years and is a long way off finishing. She may have finished the books to date but the television series is beyond what is in the books narratively speaking.

It sounds like he just used that as an excuse to break up.

OP's an accelerated reader whereas the former boyfriend struggles with any Dr. Suess book thus the reason why he's a Slouch on the Couch.

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sylvienoir 18

well you weren't wrong

Okay but HOW did you read them all so fast? I watched the first 4 seasons in less than a fortnight but it's taken me over a year to read half of the first book!

I could understand that if it were the Silmarillion, but maybe if you actually read them you'd be further.

It's taken you over a year to read half a book?! If you were going any slower you'd be going backwards!

sylvienoir 18

Seriously? It really shouldn't take longer than a month, ideally a couple weeks. You must pick that book up for an hour a week. TBH you won't understand what's happening anymore because the beginning of the book was so long ago as well.

I realize I am not the norm but even the thickest GOT book takes me less than a week to finish. The first one took less than 3 days and I worked 2 of them. You must not read every day if it takes a year...don't you forget what's even going on in the story?

That sounds like me. I've always been a fast reader and I love reading so I can rip through a book very quickly. If, for some reason, I've had to wait that long to finish a book, I've been known to start the complex ones over from the beginning to make sure I remember all of it. I'm the same way with story focused video games too. My husband will, whether game or book, just pick up where he left off, no matter how long it's been. I think, to some people, the experience of the story isn't as important as it is to others. It bugs me to no end, but hey, they can do what they want as long as I am allowed to do it my way.

You're all mega presumptuous and take everything at face value. Okay so I'll explain seeing as you all need it. I'm a massive boom fan. I have a massive bookshelf in my too that's got loads of books on it. I got ASOIAF for my birthday last year and started reading it. It didn't "pull me in" like some books have so it was slow progress reading it. then I just didn't pick it back up, life happened, I had a full time job to do then I had a baby so yeah. You're all a big bag of dicks. Open your minds.

Lizza330 28

I thought the series wasn't even done yet. So there's no way you can finish reading them yet anyway.

Exactly. The books aren't over, there are still 2 more yet to be written/released. You can't have finished the books yet. Also, the show moved away from the books beginning last season ( season 5 ).

Yeah, unless she has a time machine, she can't have finished the books.

She probably read/finished the books that are currently out.

If you spoiled it, then YDI

Assuming no spoilers on your part, you've saved yourself from a super immature asshole. If you gave spoilers? There's a special level in hell for that.