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  Veritas143  |  0

Yeah I dont really understand why this is an FML other than the fact that you have a hit car. Either way its the cops fault..95% fender benders are considered the person in the back's fault according to a survey I just made up for this statement. You'll be fine.

By  ashamanccs  |  0

Do not sign anything. Call an attorney. NOW. IANAL, but typically when you are rear ended, you are not at fault unless the other party can prove gross negligence. Being police officers, their word will be taken as fact in a court of law. You need to get an attorney immediately to protect yourself.

By  ragsy  |  7

You have my sympathy. They will definitely try to blame you. In my area, the police union would get involved to be sure the cops record remained clean.

By  Sappheyes  |  0

Were there any eye witnesses?

At any rate, check to see the laws in your area about being hit from the rear. I know Florida has a No-Fault Law, wherein you are not at fault for any collision where the other driver strikes you from the rear.