By gooddriver - 15/10/2009 03:18 - United States

Today, I was involved in a wreck. How quickly did the police arrive at the scene? Very quickly, considering he was the one who rear-ended me at a red light. FML
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hmm...u should probably walk over to him an say "License and registration please"

he can't issue a ticket if he's involved... another cop should come.


Awesome! Let's hope he/she doesn't ticket you for going over a red light.

That's funny.

how this an fml? unless something bad happened after this, this is just average life.

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Yeah I dont really understand why this is an FML other than the fact that you have a hit car. Either way its the cops fault..95% fender benders are considered the person in the back's fault according to a survey I just made up for this statement. You'll be fine.

You deserve it because you do.

ya i hope he wasnt one of those assholes who gave u a ticket

USA... it happens here of course.

#37 wins.... twice

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this is an fml cause it's on the site. herkadurr.

If you read it carefully it says the police rear-ended him.

he can't issue a ticket if he's involved... another cop should come.

yea I agree or u can issue a complaint or something

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yeah totally.

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Yeah totally.< really. Just really. That's sad.

They should give themselves a ticket :p

Do not sign anything. Call an attorney. NOW. IANAL, but typically when you are rear ended, you are not at fault unless the other party can prove gross negligence. Being police officers, their word will be taken as fact in a court of law. You need to get an attorney immediately to protect yourself.

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Yeah that's what I was thinking. Cops are good to have but I don't always trust them.

shouldn't the dash cam prove it was him?

Not all agency's have dash cams.

hmm...u should probably walk over to him an say "License and registration please"

LOL that would be priceless

omg i had to sign in to say THATS FREAKING AWESOME XD i lolled so hard at ur reply

Someone get this man a cookie, stat.

good comment lol

Yoi have just made my life

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sounds like more than "annoy"

haha you got "rear ended". how's your asshole now?

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You are a completely ignorant fool,go get a life.

You have my sympathy. They will definitely try to blame you. In my area, the police union would get involved to be sure the cops record remained clean.

who cares? this isn't a big deal.

I'm pretty sure their insurance going up because of a collision (their fault or not) makes it a big deal. Insurance is expensive as hell man

Were there any eye witnesses? At any rate, check to see the laws in your area about being hit from the rear. I know Florida has a No-Fault Law, wherein you are not at fault for any collision where the other driver strikes you from the rear.