By Anonymous - 15/11/2013 22:35 - United States - Houston

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, because he thought he heard another guy in the room when he called me, and that I'm cheating on him. The guy he heard was a character from a cartoon my sister was watching. FML
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Does he have trust issues of some sort? Insecure?

He must be very insecure to jump to such conclusions so quickly.


Does he have trust issues of some sort? Insecure?

No, Elmer Fudd just happened to be hitting on Bugs Bunny dressed as a woman when OP's boyfriend called.

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Did he hear Johnny Bravo saying "Hey pretty mama."?

#16: Looking at your profile are you referring to people like #7 Lmao

My thoughts exactly, sounds drastic to break up over something like that without even trying to sort it out and talk about it. I'm sorry for your loss OP, but it will probably be better this way in the long run and I hope your ex finds peace in his mind eventually. Best of luck!

He must be very insecure to jump to such conclusions so quickly.

He's probably already cheating on you or planing on do something of that sort already... Those who don't have the balls to come clean are always accusing others...

I wouldn't say that's true at all, what a gross misstatement and generalization you just made. Some people are just highly insecure or have deep-seated trust issues from previous events in their life - none of that is related to cheating, or the thought of cheating.

Tell him the cartoon she was watching and hopefully he can recognize the voice? I don't know what to tell you.... That's just really shocking

I don't think it was shocking. Shocking would be if OPs bf heard the voice, thought she was cheating, and committed suicide. Its more like strange than shocking.

Wow, i just realized how morbid my comment was...

Well you have a point, shocking isn't the right word. Surprising maybe, a little confused at the lack of intelligence on his part for making a decision of breaking up with her so quickly. Who knows OP could have had family over but alas it was just a television.

First time this has happened? or does he have a reason for suspicion?

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Major trust issues. Don't deserve a guy like that

Read #16's profile. She posted under #1's comment. Lol

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Thanks. :( it's an old picture I never realized it was a thing

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That dude has some major issues he needs to work out.

Had it been **** it would've been a full-blown affair.

Sorry OP, that really sucks. But it looks like you dodged a bullet; he seems to have some trust issues. Also, do you really want someone who jumps to conclusions so quickly?