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Today, I got several noise complaints from various neighbours about my "dog that won't stop barking". I don't own a dog, my neighbour owns the noisy dog. She sent me a complaint as well. FML
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Wizardo 33

Just the call the police to shake her up a bit, people that stupid don't deserve to get off lightly.


I agree. I would send a complaint saying I was being harassed for having a non-existent dog. Maybe all the neighbors would get the picture if they all received complaints back.

dreamweeper370 10

It's a vicious cycle. Sounds like there's lots of tension. Just point out that you have no dog and hopefully common sense prevails!

Well you ARE "barking mad". Maybe some Valium? Although, I've never actually barked when furious.

PterodactylMan 23
Wizardo 33

Just the call the police to shake her up a bit, people that stupid don't deserve to get off lightly.

Personally, I would surgically remove the dogs voice box. The innocent shall suffer.

I would claim that there is a wild dog loose and have animal control deal with the mut. Must be a stray dog since the neighbor won't own up to it.

Why is it so hard to be a good neighbor?

ironik69 31

Cause State Farm is not always there.

Explain to all the neighbors that you don't own a dog.

Sometimes my dog barks and I don't know it's him because I'm upstairs and he's down. Maybe your neighbor is confused?

I don't know about you, but I know all four of my dogs by their bark! 28 is right, that neighbor would have to be really stupid.

Well apparently they are that stupid because they don't know that op doesn't have a dog. And I just got my dog recently, maybe ill learn to recognize his bark ^.^

#60: I have a border collie, my neighbours have pitbulls. His shrill, sharp bark is VERY easy to tell apart from their booming. Doesn't help that he's a border collie, therefore dumb as rocks, so he barks at stupid things (like the windshield wipers in the car). But yeah, most dog owners I know could pick their dog out in a crowd at the park by their bark.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

be the person who let the dogs out

baseball844 6

Have them search your home for this dog. They will probably hear the one next door while doing this. And if that doesn't work get a dog and put it in their yard

I think you might want to have a talk with your neighbours; especially the ones with the noisy dog ... & it's never too late to send a complaint back to those who actually deserve it.