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By DayamyWuzHere - 24/11/2009 22:47 - United States

Today, some girl punched me in the face and left a huge purple bruise. Apparently, her boyfriend has been cheating on her with me, because she always sees him walking me home. Her boyfriend is my older brother, who didn't bother telling her who I was, because he "wanted to see what she would do." FML
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I hope you slapped that bitch into next week.

Your brother sure hasn't any family loyalty does he? A great brother would break up with a girlfriend who hit his sister.


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Damn some brother he is

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And this, ladies, is what happens when you act before investigating. Lemme guess..."It's the brother's fault that she decided to hit first and ask questions later." One question though OP, did your brother's girlfriend ask your brother who you were, and he lied, or did she go straight for the right hook?

They're both immature - her brother for misleading his girlfriend at the expense of his sister, and the girl for assault (even if she /was/ the "other girl", that's a stupid thing to do). However, her brother shouldn't have put her in that position because it fulfills his ego to get his sister punched by his jealous girlfriend.

Obviously the girlfriend doesn't have any actual friends. The first thing anyone asks when a girl suspects her boyfriend is "Maybe it's his sister"

It doesn't matter if the gf even asked her bf who he was walking home. She obviously doesn't know the OP so the original poster owes nothing to the stupid gf. Also the gf should have thought, hmm maybe she(op) doesn't know about me either just like i don't know a thing about this girl(op). The only person the gf should have been mad at was her bf/op's brother. The op's bro is sort of pathetic by trying to make his girlfriend jealous by using his sister. Seriously who does that?

wait ur brothers ur boyfriend??? wow

read before you comment

LOL that's actually hilarious

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that really sucks i kinda got the same thing i gotta walk to skool with my sis everybody thinks were dating or twins

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People either think you and you're sister are dating... or you're twins? Is it just me who see's something very wrong with that sentance?!

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#35: If people think they're twins, then I read it as they have some sort of family resemblance which would lead to, for most, the logical assumption that they are related by blood. So yes, that's an odd statement to make, #3.

you're=you are your=the correct version you were supposed to use in this post

Same thing happens to my brother and I. If either one is answered with "no", they ask for the other. We always find them kind of twisted..

Yikes. I'm best friends with someone the same height and body structure as me, except I'm a brunette and they're a ginger, and I walked into their class last year with my Senior hoodie on (My friend was a Freshman) and the first thing kids ask was "You're a senior!? We thought you were a Freshman!" When I told them no, I was friends with a Freshman and that's why they saw me a lot, they asked "Are you siblings?" Again, the answer was no. Some dumbass in the back: "Are you dating?"

if my bro did that he knows id kill him in his sleep

My brother knows whatsup alsoooo

I hope you slapped that bitch into next week.

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and brought your guys' parents involved and cut that bitch off from dating your brother. sorry; no ***** should be allowed to date family.

The bitch that punched her, or the bitch of a brother that didn't bother to tell his girlfriend he had a sister?

your brother is a jerk, just sayin'

Your brother sure hasn't any family loyalty does he? A great brother would break up with a girlfriend who hit his sister.

my brothers would never do that to me. especially not my older brother. i hope he apologized. what happened to family first? i would be pissed as hell at my bf if he hit any of my brothers. both of them are at fault, btw. her for hitting you and him for decieving her.

how I wish she had punched HIM instead. That would teach him.


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...just so u know, literature is spelled wrong in your bio

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lmfao at number 6. I hope you got her!