By dumpyhair - 16/08/2019 04:04

Today, my boyfriend dumped me because he, "just can't keep dating a girl with so many split ends." FML
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Sonotsuave 34

Yeah sweetheart that’s not the reason, it can’t be


Helmut Arias Rodriguez 21
ViviMage 38

"I think it's time we split up." I have split ends myself. I have tried for years and can't seem to fix them. I just cut them off when they itch at my neck.

Get thyroid and b levels checked. I hate giving advice on a joke site, but honestly, those two things being off can cause massive issues. First sign is usually weight, hair, and nail changes.

ViviMage 38

Oh trust me, I've had my thyroid levels checked twice a year at least for 16 years. I need it to manage my synthroid replacement hormone therapy post thyroid cancer.

Has he let you know that they bother him? How did he even start dating you? Were you hiding your hair under a hat went you first met?

Sonotsuave 34

Yeah sweetheart that’s not the reason, it can’t be

Reggie89 2

no sweetheart that's not the reason, I've dated a woman that lost all of her hair

He probably just needed a reason to break up and couldn't think of something proper. Sorry to hear, OP, but you'll find something better than that.

"Sorry sweetie, but those split ends make me want to weep. Your roots are showing, dyeing your hair a dark auburn was a tragedy waiting to happen, and, honestly, your skincare routine makes me want to barf the light fantastic. I'm breaking up with you, and you might want to consider botox, or even a full face lift, before you start dating again. No man will date a 22 year old with crow's feet, honey. Byesies!" If he sounded even remotely similar to that, he found the weakest, easiest excuse he could, and bolted like the coward he is. Good riddance.

EmDizzle2007 28

he picked the least offensive reason for his leaving.

consider yourself lucky... someone that vain isn't worth it.