By Anonymous - 24/04/2015 19:39 - Ireland - Mountmellick

Today, I overheard my uncle talking about me to his friends. Nothing serious, just that he'd fuck me senseless if we weren't related. FML
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That's equal parts disgusting and terrifying.

You definitely want to follow the buddy system when you're around him


That's equal parts disgusting and terrifying.

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That's what uncles are for silly!

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i'm concerned about all three of you ^

well that's really disturbing if you guys really think OP should take that as a compliment, and the fact that he even says this out loud to his friends is even more creepy.

you can't condemn a person for their thoughts, only their actions.

@114, actions like, telling your friends you would fuck your niece senseless while she is within earshot?

#114 ready to defend some incestuous man they don't even know

#100 I agree 100% Actually #114 has some issues. Not just on this fml but a few others. Needs for psych exam.

Its even weirder if OP is a boy.

i completely agree #1 that is messed the fuck up.

That's really messed up...

But at the same time, it's a compliment

#73 No. It isn't.

dude, 73, if you think your uncle wanting to fuck you is a compliment, you might need your head checked.

SauceySarah 30

That is disgusting. Why would a family member ever say that?

Only maybe a family member who's related by marriage, not blood (I sincerely hope)

I agree with #3, something has to be wrong with that man to say that let alone think it. Which he obviously did. There will be people commenting on this FML saying "take it as flattery." Please don't.

That's not the only thing senseless in this conversation.

Op should probably get her dad to beat him senseless

You definitely want to follow the buddy system when you're around him

Daelynn_17 19

and avoid any family dinners at his place

jojimugo 20

Am guessing alcohol was involved and of course immaturity and creepiness

why so many dislikes to this comment? I agree with it.

Yeah, why exactly is 6 being disliked? It's a comment with common sense.

Incest isn't just about actions. The thoughts are gross and scary, too. FYL

Good thing he's not a brother from another mother.

AnOriginalName 19

No, he's a brother of her mother.

What does this even mean?

That's disgusting...

Might want to keep your distance from now on, OP