By Oops - 04/07/2014 17:35 - United States

Today, I was at the gym, when I saw my uncle at the front desk. I quietly went up behind him and slapped him hard on the back while yelling "What's up, loser?!" He turned around. It wasn't my uncle. FML
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mattmsk005 8

Even if he was your uncle, why would you slap him and call him a loser...?


mattmsk005 8

I hope OP is better at fighting than they are at thinking.

CallMeWindSock 24

I was hoping someone had corrected him.

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"Looser"? You need to tighten up your word choice.

#1 haven't you heard of Mr. Horton and his commonly confused word song?

Whats more disturbing is that she greets her uncle by calling him a loser. Salutations have clearly gone downhill nowadays!

64, it's a joke. I doubt he/she really thinks the uncle is a loser. Really? Don't be so critical.

TcheQ 12

Your education, apparently.

Even if he was your uncle, why would you slap him and call him a loser...?

meganlovestea 15

He probably did it jokingly

badluckalex 23

op still deserves it for making assumptions

It is possible for his uncle to be younger than him...

Losing pounds. Is the gym after all. ;P

Aspen_Grace33 27

And how did that work out for you?! You should definitely double check to make sure you know the person before assaulting them!!

OP tried to run, but sadly, was reminded how bad his cardio was.

why dont people check who it is first to make sure its the right person?

ScottVining 21

How to play that one off...

How about "Oh shit, i thought you were my uncle. Im sorry"

91hayek 31

Maybe it's just me but after being slapped really hard, that apology would just make me angrier. Sounds flippant. If anything I'd slap him back and say "Did you think that was uncle'd for? I sure did."

I hugged a friend of mine from behind once. Wasn't my friend. Talk about awkward

Hey it's nice to get hugs from a random person sometimes :)

Until you notice your wallet is missing.

Mistaking someone for someone else is the worst

YDI because, you shouldn't slap people