By EveOnRoad
Today, my boyfriend of 9 years rode with his mother after boot camp graduation. She acts more like a jealous lover than a mom, so I'm currently chasing them all over Chicago in a blizzard, with her refusing to stop the car so he can see me. FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

If he's not able to deal with his mom and be with you, he's either a huge Momma's Boy, or he's still afraid of her. Without clarification, it's hard to know if he went in her car willingly, or is too much of a coward to turn her down, and ride with his girlfriend. Based on information you provided, he doesn't sound like he's worth it, because he probably won't change. As for his mom, if she's been like this the whole time you've been with her son, I'm surprised she's let you stick around for so long. If this is fairly recent behavior, she may have had something happen to change her personality, or the "jealous lover" thing might not be as unlikely as you think. Whatever the truth is, and again, we need more info than this, chasing after them in a blizzard wasn't exactly smart.

By  mssileas  |  25

Where was this boot camp, the Weenie Hut?
If he can't get away from his mum to spend time with his girl of nine years, he might just not want to get out of momma's lap. Consider this and stop chasing after him like he's the last man on Earth.