By speechless - Canada


Today, I had a toothache and applied some numbing gel to soothe the pain. Too much came out and made my whole mouth numb. A man came into my work, thought I was making fun of his lisp, and stormed out really upset. He later called to complain about me. The boss just called me to his office. FML
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Apply more numbing cream to you're ears, that way you won't hear your boss firing you. Reminds me off the time I had to fire anthony hopkins from a restaurant because people were afraid we served cannibal meals.

By  perdix  |  29

Your boss probably wants to have a good laugh at the whiny, lisping douchebag's expense.

If he's really mad at you, your mouth is numb anyway, so you could fix things without feeling anything . . . except maybe a little prick.