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Today, my step-brother said to me, "If we weren't related I would fuck you so hard." Mom says I should "be grateful for such a nice compliment." FML
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Boundaries exist for a reason. You need to set both him and your mom straight.


Boundaries exist for a reason. You need to set both him and your mom straight.

Exactly! I was relieved when I read over it twice to hear that he's your step brother, OP. But it's still not ok. Make this clear to anyone you can - you don't appreciate such lewd comments from someone you presumably live with. And make sure to tell him never to speak that way to you again

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*cue banjo music* you might be a redneck if...

Completely agree. He needs to learn to have some respect for his siblings whether they're blood related or not.

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Boundries are necessary and this guy was being a ****, but they aren't actually related...

This reminds me of some movie the girl says "he is ur cousin." Then the other girl says " yeah but he's like my first cousin"

^ That's the movie! haha some people's kids these days huh?

That's creepy and kinda disrespectful of him to say, sorry OP

I'd just be grateful that they are only related by marriage. However, that's just so creepy.

Well it depends what the circumstances were. A while back, my friend said that to his sister (he was intoxicated but still) while she was having a party with her friends. She just laughed it off and took it as a compliment. If OP's brother really meant it, then there's a little problem but if he didn't, then it's just a funny embarrassing moment..

It's not creepy because of them being related (which they aren't even by blood). It's unacceptable if she doesn't feel that way as well, because "I would **** you so hard" would be creepy without consent. Also, it should never be taken as a compliment. In my experience, a lot of straight guys would **** anything that walks on two legs and has a ******. It would be much more of a compliment if he said "I like you as a person" or some shit like that. ... To me at least.

and put tacks on your side of the doorway too, preferably with a big fat warning sign pointing your way

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I think Legos are worse than tacks, they hurt like hell and leave a damn bruise with dots in it

It's a great compliment, but not when it comes from a step-sibling. Since you missed on a great compliment that day; I would **** you so hard OP. There, now all is well in your life.

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How is that a great compliment... Some guys will **** anything that breathes. And by the he speaks, he sounds like one of those guys.

At least she's breathing? Then again maybe her step-brother is a necrophiliac and this is FML is a sign from the great beyond.

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It worked for the couple on Lone Star State of Mind lol in all seriousness though that would creep me right out

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The way I see it is, quality over quantity. I'd much rather sleep with a respectable girl than 2 nasty chicks.

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Her step brother doesn't seem to be the man who needs a respectable girl type.

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@CallMeMcFeelii - how about 8 nasty chick? 10? 15? How much is one respectable girl worth? Just doing my part for science.

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As I said before, quality over quantity. A few of my friends **** about anything they can, and brag about their numbers. I'd rather have a lower number while having girls who respect themselves. Those girls are usually 10x more attractive than the girls my buddies decide to sleep with.

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So to answer your question I'd say one girl who treats her body as a temple is worth more than 10 of your average ******, on an attractive scale at least. No life is worth more than another. That's definitely not what I mean.

CallMeMcFeelii - While I do agree with what you have to say for the most part, just because a woman enjoys having casual sex doesn't mean she doesn't respect herself. I know plenty of girls who are promiscuous, and some are very nasty looking and they're two faced, sloppy, self-centered bitches. The other promiscuous girls I know are my good friends who have great manners and class, are great friends, but are promiscuous because they like sex. Just because we like sex doesn't mean we don't respect ourselves or that we are not attractive/are nasty.

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I mean attractive as how I perceive them to be, not about their looks. There are some seriously good looking girls who screw everything they can, but to me they are not attractive. It's all personal preference. Trust me, I love sex as much as anyone else, I'm just more..I guess you can say cautious. I don't think lesser of someone who ***** everyone they meet, I just don't think they respect themselves to lower their standards like that. You should think highly of yourself and take care of your body. Personally I have a single girl who I do the deed with, not in a relationship, but when we go to parties or whatever we usually stick to one another just because it's safer. You don't know what some of these people have, and the last thing anyone wants is an STD. Again, nothing wrong with casual sex, as long as your ok with it, and you're safe, have all the fun you want.

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@callmemcfeely- you are awesome. Thank you for being a good guy.

Not really maybe they are putting out but just not to you.

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Yeah and tell him if you weren't related to him you'd beat his ass. He needs to show some respect for his sister. Who says that?! I HOPE your mother was joking btw.

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Yes they are. Even if it's only by marriage, they are now relatives. in, his mother signed an official, legal document stating she is now the spouse of OP's father, making her and her son related to them by marriage.

That doesn't make them biologically related, so "by law" they can't perform incest. There wouldn't be a legal problem with then getting together.

188: they weren't taking into question whether or not they could commit incest; they were questioning whether or not they were related.

Not according to the law. Asit states the parent of the step child must adopt said sibling for them to be brother and sister I sister and sister or brother and brother.

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They are related by law, but not blood.

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Well on the bright side you know you're fuckable!!

He's your stepbrother. You know how many states that's illegal in? ... ZERO!

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Regardless of legality, it's creepy.

Yea, but just cause he'd **** her doesn't mean that she would want to have sexual relations with her step brother.

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Just because something isn't illegal doesn't make it acceptable to actually do.

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They are not related genetically, so biologically it is not incest.

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While that's true, we don't know how long they've been step siblings. From toddlers or even elementary school, that's just wrong. If they are 17 and a month... I am not quite as creeped out.

Thank God he is so dumb he thinks you are actually related.

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Hasn't anyone seen Teen Mom? Caitlin and Tyler? Of course their parents got together after they did, but I still kinda found it a little weird. And before I get flamed, I didn't watch of my own accord. When my younger sister got pregnant at 16 our mother forced us to watch it.

I read that she's pregnant again. Are they ever gonna get married? Why would you date and eventually marry your daughter's boyfriend's father and vise versa?

Remember to lock your door at night...

Some people these days don't know what respect and boundaries are. Sorry to hear you have a pig for a step brother. But maybe Your mom probably only said that to try and keep a happy atmosphere in the house? I wouldn't blame her but I'd definitely keep a distance from him

Yeah, lock the door and keep six Scissors close by. Sorry your now semi related to a dumb ass.

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Six? Hell, why not go for seven?

34, how the hell would OP be able to use seven scissors at once? I wish people would stop and think before posting replies.

52 - People really SHOULD think before posting replies.

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Maybe OP is "Killer Bee" and can use seven scissors at once.

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52- Maybe she's the female version of Edward Scissorhands! XD Anyway, learn to recognize a joke.

Damn auto correct strikes again....