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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I could see how it's awkward since it was some random dude and all. Butt her jumping on him kinda provoked it. I always get my ass grabbed and slapped at concerts. As long as its a cute girl, and not some guy going after my wallet I don't mind. Asses should be grabbed as long as both participants are ok with it, and it's not some random person ass grabbing everything in sight.

  Baytheshark  |  14

What the- If you need therapy of any kind after this, you probably have some other crap to deal with. This is one of those, 'oh shit!' moments where you simply run off and hope to never see the person again.


I agree. People mistakenly say hi to the wrong person all the time, and it's awkward as hell. But a hi to a stranger is a helluva lot better than surprise hugs and even more surprising ass grabs.