Grossed out

By ChePow - 20/08/2011 18:26 - Canada

Today, a stripper came into my work to get some posters copied. She asked if she could pay in small bills. I just touched $50 that have probably rubbed up against a stripper's twat. FML
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Lauren10102 3

Enjoy it? What if OP is a girl?

Laurenlou 24

If he/she posted this FML, I highly doubt they would enjoy it regardless! :) Just throwing that put there.

eminemchick 19

you shouldve licked it. then watched her walk away awkwardly and confusedly.:)

Considering the fact the OP is a girl i find kinky lesbians to turn me on;) but really check ur hand for stripper disease..stop the causr

I sure as hell wouldn't have minded! ^_^'' But then again, I am a disgusting human being. =]

eminemchick 19

i wouldnt mind either^.^ im pervy too, and have hung out pervs on chat roulette for the past 3 months.-.- now everything sounds sexual.

Dude 99.9 percent of bill have been touched by a stripper

paynee 0

Dont worry OP ove touched money thats been in worse places. (Dont ask to many painful memories)

Here's a dumb question. What does OP stand for?

arlekin21 0
Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OP is a girl so 13 might be on to something

127 what I think you meant to say was "Giggity"

the dollars journy is a treacherous one....

OP actually means Optimus Prime... Don't listen to the other losers. ;)

aFatFuck 0

179 gtfo you're the kind of person that ruins all the fun

The real meaning of OP is original poster, as in the person who posted this FML.

244, don't lie to 149. As previously mentioned, it's actually Optimus Prime. Also, google. Hit it up 149. :)

ibedestinie 0

149... if it's a dude saying it it means OPTIMUS PRIME! if a chick is saying it then it's ****** PENGUIN!

Chances are OP has been smelling that $50 bill all day long

Yah now I got everyone calling it Optimus Prime... Lol

Yeah, I found that odd too... I mean, if it was 2 or 3 hundred, I'd get it, but 50?

flockz 19

hmmm i dont know that money sounds like its pretty fishy to me...

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

U know what they say money grows on trees but in this case it grows on bushes ;D

If you really think about it, the way money goes around, we ALL had our hands on some stripper juice at one point or another

KennKenn 0

This sounds like a start to a bad porno!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1
Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Rofl I didn't realize I already posted on this one ;P

The best kind of herpes is the strippers' herpes from a "fresh" dollar bill.

tigermilz 1

How is that a bad thing ?¿ :/ I would ask if she needed anything else

olpally 32

I'd like mine Crabs free though...

I know a lot of strippers and just because they take their clothes off doesn't mean they are prostitutes.

We Never Know Were Our Money Came From.

No kidding right ppl are so judgemental as soon as they hear stripper it's all,,, pppfftt *****. But there's a difference; a ***** is what ur husband lays while ur there on ur pedestal looking downnnn on everyone else, a stripper just gets all his cash for nothing. see ? Gooood

Eggers 2

133- lolwut? She wasnt having secks with the $50

xixifwadi 0

Actually somewhere close to 98% of all 1 dollar bills have been in a strippers pants.

Thank you, 133. I'm a burlesque dancer and whenever I tell people that I get the look that says, "Oh, I didn't realize you were a stripper." Burlesque does not equal stripping. And even still, strippers do not equal prostitutes. I'd also like to know how OP knew this girl was a stripper. Or were you just judging by appearances, OP?

Last time I checked, burlesque wasn't in this FML. And a stripper is pretty close to a prostitute: an attention ***** desperate for money. Yep, it's about right.

Op, just think, if a that person didn't give the money to her, this wouldn't have happened. Sex offenders ruin everything. Smh.

Meh , I've actually known some girl that used to be a stripper because she didn't have money to pay her uni... She is neither a hoe or attention *****.

206, it's called a conversation and I was merely bringing up a personal experience and the assumptions that people make.

195- not in Canada. :P I'm pretty sure 98% of our one dollar bills are safely tucked away in collectors' boxes, not anywhere near strippers. The OP would have had fives. :)

I hope you sniffed it. That's probably the closest you will ever get to a ******. Savour it.

flipfloperson 5

OP is female...I'm thinking that she is always pretty close to a ******.

flockz 19

op is male but he has a ******.

schaflava 0

No no no. OP is a ****** with a male.

sxe_beast 11

Facial herpes... good for the complexion!

flockz 19

douchebag: "hey loser, what's with all that acne on your face? hahaha" loser, about to be winner: "its not acne. its your girlfriend."

Badtz_maru_fml 0

If you were lucky, some of them may have actually penetrated. One can only hope.

bizarre_ftw 21

Assuming op is a lesbian, by the phrasing I don't think so :/

enonymous 8

She could have been born a dude making those bills worth a lot more.

PrestonG95 7
Ins0mau 20

So? You know every girl secretly has a bit of lesbian in them. ;-)

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

@11, because perhaps to what happened to OP is the equivalent of a dude handing you a $50 that's been wrapped around his junk all day. Doesn't sound nice does it?