By Anonymous - Canada
  Today, my friends took me to a strip club for my 25th birthday. I went onstage with 5 dollars in my mouth to tip the dancer. She then took off my belt and pants and spanked me 25 times with the buckle end of the belt. I paid a stripper 5 dollars to whoop my ass. FML
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  H8rSk8r  |  0

Today, this fatso got up on stage at the strip club I work at. He expected me to do something hot. I took off his belt ( with my teeth ) and spanked him with it. Fatty didn't like spankings, so all I got was five f*cking dollars.

  mrahhhhh  |  21

Actually it's more like 80%.

I read a story on an urban legend website a few weeks ago. Still a pretty staggering number. Dr. Rockzo would be so ecstatic right now.

  fakkumairaifu  |  14

Higher denomination bills have more residue apparently. I read somewhere that they tend to be handled less than small bills, and thus are usually less porous thereby absorbing less of your nose candy.

Can't give (non-made-up) percentages though.


34: Actually, not because strippers have used the money, therefore there are traces of cocaine on them, it's because when bills are damaged (ripped, burned, or sometimes a non-existent currency), they are burned and then used again. The cocaine, which is only a very small trace, is actually put there by the mint they were made in because the cocaine acts as if a thin protective layer, which protects the money from light damage and also, when the money is being burned, the cocaine layer helps it burn much, much faster. 49: It's 64%, dumbass.

By  bri_random  |  0

you were obviously a very naughty boy. my suggestion: meet up with her after the club closes and show her how it's done. smack her 25 times. . . with your cock! :)