By knighton16 - 17/07/2010 18:23 - United States

Today, I was brushing my teeth and shaving in the shower. My favorite song came on, and I got mixed up. My tongue and mouth are cut badly now. FML
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WTH, who does both AT THE same time?? BAD IDEA. YDI

and now you have a mouth full of bloody pubes.


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how is this a win? sounds like a fail to me.

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pretty sure I seen this on tv..lie?

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Damn, even your toothbrush and razor don't want to hear you busting tunes

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Who brushes their teeth in the shower?

Raleigh_bruh 7

Bianca, you drink smoothies in the shower. :|

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ew... im sorry.. but ur stupid ahhaa this is why u dont shave and brushmy teeth

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Uhhh... Oooookay then, lol.

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I brush my teeth in shower. saves time, okay! lol

thts not a win. haha he shaved his mouth; ouch! ydi all the way:0

Brushing your teeth in the shower is win. And also the first step to eventually installing a garbage disposal.

Shave with a straight razor do ya?

Arsonnist 3

YDI for multitasking. No but really, I couldn't do any better.

You think it hurts now, wait til the cuts begin to heal. it will KILL! but YDI anyway...

My teeth always feel cleaner if I brush in the shower. But you do have to make sure not to drip minty toothpaste on the sensitive bits.

KiddNYC1O 20

ijd, you don't like the tingly feeling?

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coming from someone who recently began brushing my teeth in the shower, and didn't notice the minty foam had dripped onto my frank & beans, the tingling isn't too too bad after all. lol jk it burned like hell... thought I'd had sex with the other poster with the "list" or something... that's a freak out moment, "IS THAT ACID ON MY BALLS?!", yeah... anyway op fyl & ydi atw

wow OP ur retarded.what were ur eyes closed too?

what the hell? FYL if you got underarm hair in your mouth. YDI for brushing your teeth while shaving!

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Why would you brush your teeth in the shower?! YDI

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thats wat i said when i saw yout

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31 I was gonna say that lol. once hal did in Malcolm in the Middle when he thought he was late for work.

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ik people brush their teeth in the shower but who the hell brushes and shaves and sings at the same time and then cuts their mouth? YDI

OW!! ew gosh that would be absolutely terrible!

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Did you get toothpaste on your face too?

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I call bull shit, you would notice. fake

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definitly fake, you'd notice, bull shit

i do lol its way more practical than waiting until you get out of the shower when youre all cold and have to stand there brushing your teeth

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Who the **** brushes their teeth in the shower? Or shaves and brushes their teeth at the same time?! I'm sure OP is a blonde...may the blondes begin to "attempt" to gang up on my comment:DD

ouch! srry.... but who brushes their teeth in the shower??

you seriously have some problems now dontchya?

I fail to see where a problem, such as a mental problem comes into place here.


WTH, who does both AT THE same time?? BAD IDEA. YDI

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Really?? and how do use confuse em?? btw did u follow with mouth wash??

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^^ both of those comments were just completely retarded.

Don't use the word 'retarded' as an insult.

and now you have a mouth full of bloody pubes.

Yeah but the Minty fresh testis are sure to be a hit with the ladies!

Also a win. ^^^^ I actually prefer the original douche-flavor myself. Nothing beats the classics.

cant7see7me7 3

rainbow hobos, is that what the tounge ring is for?;)

Noooot exactly. I actually got it from losing a stupid bet. Honestly I thought it was a turn-off for guys, but they seem to like it. So I kept it. :/

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your tounge ring is in an odd place o_O , it should be up a smidget.

totally. who would be brushing their teeth in the shower?

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I do. a lot people do actually. UT saves time and water.

oarisimo 4

that's supposed to say it, not UT. my phone does weird things lol

You're*. Next time you call some one an idiot get your own spelling correct.

You are seriously a moron. >.< totally your fault.

Epic fail! Why would you even be attempting that anyways? That's just plumb dumb!