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By Anonymous - 17/01/2020 18:00

Today, I went to the bank to deposit the cash I made waiting tables. While the teller was counting, I apologized for having so many small bills and she said "It's OK honey, I helped another one of your kind just the other day. You're lucky we take your dirty money." She thought I was a stripper. FML
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Next time at said bank, I'd inform the mgr. of said remark.

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You can't deposit cash at an ATM.

Stand alone atm no. Ones at the bank? I do all the time! Hate dealing with people when it's just quicker to do it myself.

You may not be able to deposit coins at an ATM, but what small town bank do you use that doesn't accept cash deposits in their ATMs?

You can deposit cash into an atm in America. It's been a few years since I was last home but last time I was home in Scotland you could only take money out and that's it.

Yeah I work in a bank and people don't say this. if they did by chance you need to call the manager and report them

Dirty money? Stripper money is just as dirty as the rest of the worlds🙄I love telling them I’m a stripper (which I am) and watching their face...it’s ok Karen...you can judge me for the 3000 I made in dollars this weekend while you wait for your next paycheck😉