Everything is clean

Today, I went to the bank to deposit the cash I made waiting tables. While the teller was counting, I apologized for having so many small bills and she said "It's OK honey, I helped another one of your kind just the other day. You're lucky we take your dirty money." She thought I was a stripper. FML
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  sarkycow  |  25

You can deposit cash into an atm in America. It's been a few years since I was last home but last time I was home in Scotland you could only take money out and that's it.

By  icecreamisrad  |  13

Dirty money? Stripper money is just as dirty as the rest of the worlds🙄I love telling them I’m a stripper (which I am) and watching their’s ok can judge me for the 3000 I made in dollars this weekend while you wait for your next paycheck😉