By Miguel - 20/08/2011 19:40 - United States

Today, in algebra, I took out my notebook. My Chinese teacher was so impressed with my "Chinese" writings on the cover that I'm now her "favorite student". Those "Chinese" symbols are actually Japanese, but I wanted someone to like me so badly that I didn't correct her. FML
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I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

eminemchick 19

someone delete this unruly bastard

flockz 19

oh unwise one, teach me, teach me how to be japanese.

Man, I'm dark as a motherfucking solar eclipse under a dark blanket in the dead of night in the middle of the woods, but I'm Japanese as can be, goddammit.

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sorry, but ill have to agree with 26. some (avtually, a LOT) of these comments do belong to uneducated whities.

You RACIST bastard, you don't even have correct grammar! Capital S! I'll! Actually! Calling white people uneducated... Honestly, why only white people? I'm not even white, yet your comment infuriated me! ... Have I overreacted?

你是吗? I don't think I wrote that right

May525XoXo 8

How come your chinese teacher can't tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese?

Just because she IS Chinese doesn't mean she speaks/reads any Chinese. I'm Irish and don't know a lick of Gaelic.

imaninja1 9

The whole point of the fml is tgat ops japenese is soo bad it looks like op was trying to write in chinese

May525XoXo 8

Well if she doesn't speak or read it, then why did she even make that compliment? You're saying the teacher was just pretending to know it was Chinese when she was really wrong? She's lucky OP didn't say it was really Japanese because that would've been embarrassing for her.

The kanji is the same for japanese and Chinese. They just pronounce them differently.

Mokiikom_fml 8

Not all kanji are the same between Chinese & Japanese (some were simplified in Japanese etc.), but many are still exactly the same even nowadays. If the teacher saw just those kanji and there wasn't any hiragana etc., then there was no way to know whether it was Chinese or Japanese.

knight0748 5

57 got it right, kanji means words of Han, aka Chinese. Unless op got more than a few words on her cover, like a sentence, it would confusing for anyone.

LeoMaro 1

I'm Chinese, and if I saw basic kanji, I wouldn't be able to tell if it's Chinese or Japanese either. There has to be hiragana and katakana characters to tell the difference. Arigatou everyone.

Laurenlou 24

Wow your "Chinese" teacher must not know Chinese very well! FYL!

Yeah, I know. Japanese have a lot of rounded symbols, Chinese has none.

wow. what school is that so I don't send my kid there?

She a math teacher and Japanese and Chinese are similar in writing and stuff?

Chinese and Japanese look very different although about half of Japanese characters are the same as traditional Chinese, the other half are squiggles. But every Japanese sentence is complete with both kinds, so time to find a new Chinese teacher.

Mokiikom_fml 8

1) The teacher teaches algebra, not Chinese. 2) It was kanji on the cover, not a sentence, so no hiragana there. Otherwise it would have obviously have to be mentioned and the FML would have no meaning. 3) Learn to read the whole story before leaving such comments.

You and your teacher both seem like dumbasses... I see a beautiful friendship on the horizon.

Bring candy for your class. Odds are someone will start being your friend.