By Anonymous - 14/09/2011 15:47 - United States

Today, a lady came into my workplace to pay her $120 bill in one dollar bills. I kept losing count. FML
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I have heard if you put them into piles of ten notes you should be right..

At least it wasn't in pennies >_>


Who does that??

Go back to 4th grade math?

Strippers. That's who.

Haha I did that one time but 40$ worth of ones to give someone a hard time lol at least they didn't pay in quarters or change lol

Strippers gave bank accounts like everyone else. Plus most of the time the club changes it out for them so it has lots of singles for customers. -_-

19- No one cares! It was just a joke

You seem very knowledgable about the business of stripping... Personal experience?

You seem very knowledgable about the business of stripping... Personal experience?

If I did WHAT would be the problem? And people having bank accounts and their employers exchanging money for them is esoteric information?

You're 17...(hahaha should have checked that before) I'm done. Have a nice day. :)

30- Well I guess you are just more knowledgeable on the subject than the rest of fml users. I always believed strippers just lived in the clubs. I guess I learned something new. Thank you. (you see. That is sarcasm)

Yeah because sarcasm comes across so well in text (see that was sarcasm).

Yess! I've always wanted to be in an fml comment fight. This is living.

Money is money. I feel it's OP's lack of competence that is at fault here.

Leadman: It's funny how you judge people by their age. When I first saw this comment I thought you were like 30 or 40 but you're 21 LOL. I guess you're so happy about it.

I agree with 38.. Op if you can concentrate long enough to count past 100 then break it up in sections.. Make 12 stacks of ten.. Then all you have to do is count the stacks.. Not that difficult

why is everyone assuming stripper?? she could be a waitress, or just a girl who got mad over the bill and went to get all ones as revenge.

It's a subject he COULDN'T possibly know about first hand "legally". This lady could have just as easily been a waitress or bartender. I get it's a joke but it's a joke with a wink and a nod and in this puritanical society enough people look down on women and men who work in the adult entertainment industry. Jokes at the expense of others are rather tasteless and shows that you aren't clever enough to come up with anything else. :|

Dunno if you're referring to me, but I'm actually 27 and my birthdate isn't posted on my profile. So it must be someone else. But still, why get defensive if it was the case? No one likes a shameful, guilty stripper.

Keep trying leady.

Leady? Unlike that. ;p

No, you're taking this TOO seriously. I, personally, find it hard to 'respect' strippers. I'm a woman, I think it's disgusting for many reasons. So you're saying it's ok for men to exploit women for money and vice versa but Heaven forbid someone crack a joke about strippers. We are all allowed to have our own opinions but you need to calm down and stop defending the sex industry cause it just looks like you're taking it personally. Think about your moral crusade before you embark on it.

"no one likes a shameful guilty stripper" Because of shit like that. That's how you truly feel and what I meant by the "jokes" about people that work in the sex industry are always made with winks an nods as in well it's a joke but we all know it's really true. I've never been a stripper (not that I wouldn't do it) but i don't pass judgment on someone else for doing it. I don't see how that's exploitation but someone working at Walmart far longer and harder making less isn't.

So th op cant count to 120?? Fail

Leadman: I saw this on your profile: "You can also check me out on other parts of the porn directory. like YouTube, twitter, Facebook, G+, deviant art et cetera. But I go by different names so good luck with that muhuhuwhahahaha!!!!!!111one." Is that a joke? Or are you really a... ?????

I don't know you figure that one out.

Well then, you're a celebrity! Yay! Can I have your autograph?

none of those directories are related to porn

31- Whatever happened to your, "I'm done have a nice day" comment?

#53 speaks truth. Watch a bank teller count out money sometime; they do the same thing.

I had a customer pay $40 in ones at work yesterday...

Before anyone takes that the wrong way, I work in a store.

what kinda store (also, this is my 100th kickass comment)

Leadman - In this case, I think stacianichole is referring to the sexual objectification of women for money when she refers to exploitation. People that work at Wallmart are not generally objectified in the same way strippers are.

Your picture captures your essence perfectly... :)

Meant the Internet as a whole... It's the porn directory and those are just other parts... -_-

I meant specifically to that person... but "Just when I thought out they pull me back in" got time to kill so. : But I'm tired of being the "villain".

So over working and under paying people is fine as long as they don't taken their tops off? I say bullshit! They provide a service and are in return compensated (very well I might add) for their time... sounds like economics 101. Anything beyond that is personal and probably emotional.

At least it wasn't in pennies >_>

Someone paid their 50 dollar bill in pennies in front of me at a Krogers once.

At least you weren't a police officer who got left 35,000 pennies to pay off a parking ticket.

In Canada we have loonies, we could just put them in a sock and be like No! No more pay in change! (While swinging sock over head) Hahah just kidding.

... or gum.

if somebody DOES pay you in pennies, purposely keep losing track to keep them there forever. if they leave you can pretend they didnt pay in full

How about new Trident Layers?

No one ever pays me in gum /:

Sounds like something my mom would do.

If someone pays you entirely in unrolled pennies and the total is over a dollar, you can legally decline to make the transaction and direct them to the nearest bank.

Maybe you shoulda payed attention in math class

I have heard if you put them into piles of ten notes you should be right..

Seriously, how does OP not know to do that.

You need to stack bills in piles of ten to count up to $120? Pft lol gtfo. I hope the short bus is coming by to pick you guys up soon.

You need to stack bills in piles of ten to count up to $120? Pft lol gtfo. I hope the short bus is coming by to pick you guys up soon.

131 - Because you're an all-star at everything? Get out, nobody wants your sad, horrible attempt at trolling. Crawl back under your bridge. And on a side note, I'm riding the bus AND it gave me a free helmet.

Hey, I'd be able to count 120 notes in about 40 seconds but I'd stack them in piles of 10. Logic doesn't ride the short bus.

Autoshot, gtfo my comment if you wanna talk shit do it else where... Moron

Basic counting fail. I won't be "count"ing on you anytime soon.

Haha, no

We won't be "counting" on you to make a decent pun either

Ha ha ha

110 .... Fag

At moments like this, I'm always happy I'm not a cashier. Poor you. But it could be even worse, she could have paid in pennies.

Show some thumb mercy on DjeePee guys. There were only 3 minutes between the two posts.

Yeah... BUT I'd be suspicious of a woman or man, paying entirely with singles. Sounds like she -may- have been a stripper! yuck, wouldn't want to touch that cash!

separe it in different piles.... that's not that complicated!

my wife works at ace cash express and a lady came in and paid her bill of $547 in ones

Has your wife seen this picture of yours? It must be really hot In Texas. No one wears a shirt anymore.

...or pants, if you look closely he's not wearing pants either

If they get paid by the hour anyway, why not just count it up slowly. Waste EVERYONES time because of that nutter!

He is wearing pants- they are just sitting really low... But it's a hot pic... Think I wanna visit tx ;) (or boxers)

Oh ok I see that now lol

Go back to school...

Looks like she *puts on sunglasses* couldn't count on you. YEEEAAAAHHHH

WTF!!! did not respond to you srry! :(

Hahah best comment ever!

Haha, I really don't mind at all :D!