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By fuck you, dad - 08/02/2014 20:54 - United States - Bellflower

Today, my family and I were celebrating my dad's birthday. The two of us were standing by the pool chatting, and I jokingly said "You're old now." I suppose I should have expected him to shove me into the pool, my phone still in hand, and retort, "You're soaked now." FML
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At least his mind hasn't aged!

Well jokes on him if he has to buy you a new phone


Your dad sounds like fun :D...jk...fyl op

CallMeMcFeelii 13

How is this getting down voted!? She was jking everyone! She was only jking!

he could have at least made sure she didn't have her phone...

MichellinMan 20

I always joked with my dad with stupid shit like that. OP's Dad is an asswipe.

Well that escalated quickly.

simplysarcastics 26

Stop the madness!

flame5768 14

hahahahahHAHAHAHAH no.

arandomusernameaa 20

@2 please put a shirt on...

TallMist 32

#20 Madness?! This... Is... SPAAAARTAA-*Gunshot*

At least his mind hasn't aged!

olpally 32

That's one thing you don't say to your dad, especially near a pool. Lol.

ehh my dad couldent give a fat rats arse, if I said it to my mum on the other hand...

Well jokes on him if he has to buy you a new phone

Kuro_Kamen 12

Not technically, especially if op is over 18. Just because dad pushed you in means he's obligated to do it.

Still at least op can replace their phone for free or at least cheap...Most plans come with awesome warranties like that

#29, being that the damage caused to the phone was his fault it is entirely the dad's responsibility to replace or fix it...

Not really, 49. It may be the 'nice thing to do' but it's not a responsibility.

If he pays for his own phone then damn right it's his dad's responsibility to replace it. If you ruin someone else's phone through an act of your own stupidity (whether it's in a playful way or not) it's up to you to replace it. It's not the 'nice thing to do' it's the natural thing to do, you can't expect someone else to shell out because you're an immature asshole. Also, depending on the state, you could be required by law to do so. Destruction of property is a crime, mate.

Has your dad graduated to that age where he can get away with anything because he's old?

I yearn to be that age.

Lol you fell right into that one. Literally.

pisoi 17

What did you expect ?

perdix 29

He's probably disappointed that his son turned out to be such a phony.

If you were trying to make a pun it should have at least been "phoney"

Damn perdix, Down voted? Such Shame.

What, is he the Jesus of FML or something???

It was mean of you to call him that! You deserved to be soaked for being so mean!

Surely you can't be serious

"Don't call me, Shirley"