By vey - 08/02/2014 22:14 - China - Beijing

Today, and for the third time this week, I found a pubic hair in my soup. I'm currently bed-ridden and can't afford to piss off my boyfriend by complaining. FML
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How are you able to continue eating?....FYL Op...I hope you get better soon

upallnight11 19

I guess you've found his special ingredient, OP.


How are you able to continue eating?....FYL Op...I hope you get better soon

I wanna know why she would keep eating the food he gives her... O.o

how does she know it's a pubic hair though?

mrlopez 13

Pubic hair is curly due to the fact that it stays crunched underneath boxers/briefs, and the end of its strand is usually tapered sharply

Glad we went down this path, my question is simply... What the **** is he doing to her soup?!

It's the special high protein soup for, uhm, building muscle, or something. OP might not want to ask....

37, I don't know about that. Mine isn't curly at all.

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nightowl713 25

Chest hairs can look exactly like pubes. That sounds like a much more reasonable explanation than the aforementioned theory. The only way I can justify it happening more than once and actually being pubic hair, is if he is resentful for having to care for her and doing it on purpose as a ,seemingly, secret payback. Otherwise, making soup shirtless seems more plausible.

She's bed ridden, try to make food without leaving your bed.

wellthen7154 12

Maybe the ingestion of unknown hairs is why OP is sick.

55- Most of the Asian people I know have little to no body hair. My husband is Vietnamese and no one in his family even have much leg hair let alone chest hair. I'm just saying this because it says she's from China.

upallnight11 19

I guess you've found his special ingredient, OP.

It's his special cream of mushroom soup.

kristabelli 19

I'm uncomfortable with op's attitude - she's afraid of pissing him off? She shouldn't have to be afraid to point out hair in her soup. Something is very wrong here.

Your boyfriend seems a bit passive aggressive.

I actually laughed out loud at this comment because I never would have considered that someone might intentionally put pubic hairs into someone else's soup out of some kind of spite.

Redoxx_fml 22

What is he doing to your soup?

That's gross even imagining your boyfriend seems to scratching himself or something before giving you your food...

What I find gross is he's not bothering to wash his hands when preparing his sick girlfriend food. It's one thing to scratch your balls or whatever he's doing. At least wash your damn hands. You'd think since he's her boyfriend he'd respect her a bit more.

I think it might be "or something". I suspect her boyfriend is adding a little extra personal protein in her soup...

olpally 32

I would complain! Your bf is disgusting!

This is when you complain to your boyfriend about it and get your best friend to help. That's just so unsanitary.

He might not even be thinking of it while doing it. Talk to him so that he knows. Most boyfriends who care about their girlfriend would want to know if something was disgusting her, rather than finding out about it later on when it's too late to change anything.

Pubic hair in your food disgusts you? Oh, I'm so sorry, I had no idea!

I think they mean, that the guy clearly doesn't realize he's "scratching his balls" or whatever, and getting it in the soup. It's a terrible habit, but I can't say anything because I'm not a guy, I've never experienced the needs XD

77 is right. Bad habits are often exactly that: habits. You don't think of them while doing them. All OP has to do is point it out to her boyfriend, and if he cares about her his reaction should be "oh shit, sorry, I didn't even realize it" and then to put a conscious effort while cooking to avoid it from then on.