By Anonymous - 26/06/2012 22:04 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, I was at the beach with my parents, and I went for a swim in the sea. I got out and my parents started laughing their asses off. It wasn't until my dad pulled a condom out of my hair that I realized what they were laughing at. My dad even took a picture. FML
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Wtf why whould a condom be a the beach?

Because people were having sexy time in the water.... Not that hard to figure it out >.> what else do you do with a condom??? (balloons)

Because their are some people who think, "Oh I've got a great idea, lets do it on the beach. That will be great."

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Condoms are almost everywhere. Because people have sex almost everywhere. The only WTF about this is your not being able to conceive of beach sex.

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Because Aquaman is gettin' it on with the fish.

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1- I have the feeling you've never driven around with a girl with a full box of condoms having no plans at all!

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20- But having sex in public is going too far. Maybe it's just me, but I would be uncomfortable having sex with people around.

#1, because the homeless man finally threw his 'magic one-finger glove' after being unable to sell it

That's the beauty of sex in the sea. No one can tell....

1- See, when a man and a woman really loves each other...

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Ikr? That's what I was wondering!!

Didn't you listen to California Gurls by Katy Perry? "Sex, on the beach..." There's also: "We freak, in my jeep" And "Birds, break their necks, trying to get a little sneak peek, at us..." And somewhere I'm pretty sure it says something about doing "Doggy-Dog" ir something like that Lol

Also because even when people do it in the privacy of home and flush them down the toilet after, they will end up in the ocean. Hasn't anyone here watched Finding Nemo? All drains lead to the sea!! That's how kidnapped fishies get home and condoms get in peoples hair.

18- That's it! You've finally discovered Aquaman's power!! He gets a lot of mermaid pu- ... Wait... >.> ...Tail

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15, when mermaids get pregnant, how do they give birth? With a sea-section! Ahahahahahaha... No? Okay. (hides in shame)

Ew ! Reason why people shouldn't litter !

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Why can't they just do it anal?

You should still use a condom doing anal, you might not get a girl pregnant but it wouldn't stop your dick from falling off. Don't be silly wrap your willy.

me and some of my friends had a week long debate about that a few months ago . we had been trying to think of something weird to talk about to see what peoples reactions were, and that was what we decided ^_^ we came to the conclusion that they use the ends of their fins and do it scissors =P

78- They do bass to mouth. Or maybe they lay eggs. Who knows.

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The salt of the sea probably washed it out. If not, that's ******* gross!

It took me awhile but now I sea what you did there.

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29, don't be a beach, just have fun with the joke.

I wonder if OP saw any sperm whales while out at see

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Water you people talking about?

Seariously guys stop comment stupid puns... You guys are being shellfish... His comment was probably not even on porpoise... Quit being such Beaches

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Watch out for those sea snakes!!

Ah memories at the beach. You'll look back on this and laugh. In the meantime, get to the ******* showers (if there are any nearby)! I hope for your sake OP, it wasn't burst.

Make a balloon out of it and use it as a floater. You know what they say safety first

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Can't beat some nice beach sex. :)

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....*cracks up* Your parents have a good sense of humor.