By Kyle - 05/01/2012 06:58 - United States

Today, I jokingly mocked my dad about his age. He jokingly poured milk all over my head. FML
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What a sweet father/son relationship.

He poured milk all over his son? Such actions are, in my opinion, legendairy.


What a sweet father/son relationship.

Could be worse. The dad could have beat the shit out of his son. Milk is pretty tame compared to domestic violence.

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You're father is a cool guy. I would've done things that will actually hurt you to shutup...

If he jokingly poured milk all over your head then wouldn't that mean he didn't really do it?

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I jokingly laughed at this FML.

Wash your hair then! Don't moan about it...

GovernorGeneral 8

Lol thats very refreshing. Least its not ******* sticky mango juice. I had a whole glass of that thrown on me.

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One time me, my grandma, my dad and my sister were at a resteraunt. He put butter on my face so I threw spaghetti at him... Then he dumped Water all over me so we could go On the carriage ride

*drenches you with milk* JUST KIDDINGG, gotcha there son!

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I would have then jokingly given him a big sloppy milk hug

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Gosh! His dad must be really defensive of his age. (I hope OP isn't lactose intolerant)

GoW_Chick 14

Golly gee wiz! If OP was the lactose intolerance would only play a factor if the milk was ingested.

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GoW_Chick thanks for teaching me something new about milk today :D

Karma doesn't do jack shit! I'm wanted for three murders, two rapes, and arson. Nothing has happened.

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A father pouring milk on his son for mocking him isn't karma. Goddammit.

29 - Don't say that! He's watching. ( •).( •)

If your dad did this jokingly, seems like he has an odd sense of humor. Must be the senility kicking in.

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That's what happens when you disrespect your father YDI for being a horrible child.

Yes, joking around makes him a horrible child... More like the dad needs to lighten up and take a joke.

Clearly you can't see the difference between a joker and a horrible kid.

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There are no horrible children, just horrible parents.

RedPillSucks 31

Horrible parents are children too.

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Recent studies indicate 95% of all people on fml don't know what a joke is.

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Dude you never do that to an old guy lol :)

He poured milk all over his son? Such actions are, in my opinion, legendairy.

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How dairy he waste that milk!! There are thirsty kids in...oh Nevermind. I suck at this. :-D

I think you'd be better off saying, "How dairy?!" dairy he sound redundant. :)

Well played, folks. I love a good pun, and this comment is casein point. Only 2 people will get that, and I'm one of them. :(

FinJage 18

It sucks that there's hardly any puns in my language. :(

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I lactose puns you guys, good work

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Did the OP cow-er in humiliation?