By babydoll13211 - United States
Today, I was at a friend's pool party. He lives on a lake and one of our friends wouldn't get in the water. My best friend and I decided to push him off the dock. Once we had, I turned to see my crush who had watched looked shocked. Then said "You know he can't swim right?" FML
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  Intoxicunt  |  5

I can't float. I don't even slowly sink, like most people. I plunk straight down, as though the pool was filled with air instead of water. The only thing that saves me is the thrashing they call "dog paddling".

  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

normally I would ask, "what the hell is he doing at a pool party if he can't swim??? especially if there are bitches, like the OP and her idiotic friend, who would push him in (like they did)" But there probably were tables or something where he could keep dry. Which brings me to the next question: What the hell was he doing on the dock? It wouldnt make any sense if the guy was at the edge of the dock (i'm not saying that he was) and with people were running off the dock doing cannonballs or whatever, it could be dangerous

  Starchild21  |  3

There are no fucking "bitches" at the pool. God you guys are so fucking sexist.

And a pool party is not in the pool itself, it's on the side. Maybe he wanted to see the girls, maybe he knew a pool was the only way people would come over, or maybe he just wanted company. I don't know, I'm not Dr. Phil, but seriously you guys think.


  gonzolove  |  0

Apparently people can't be playful on the internet.
I'm a girl and while speculating why a guy who can't swim would go to a beach party, I would call other females "bitches".

  Starchild21  |  3

I understand the aspect of being playful. It's just usually they don't mean it in the "playful" sense.

That's what I take issue with.


  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

I agree with #86, and Starchild, I'm a girl as well. And when I said "bitches" i was referring to the "bitches" that pushed the guy over.

  Starchild21  |  3

Lol I would like to point out that you and another girl refer to them as bitches, which is cool because that's obviously playful.

But when a guy says it, I'm pretty sure it's not always that way lol.


  humorizer  |  14

Reading comprehension for the win:

The owner of the house by the pool/lake was not the one who was pushed in. It was a friend who was invited to the owner's party (at least I'm inferring he was invited).

  WannabeMD  |  0

It isn't their fault. They couldn't have known that he can't swim if he didn't tell them WHY he was reluctant to get in the water.

When I go to pool parties, my friends push each other in the water all of the time. It isn't mean unless they knew that he couldn't swim and did it on purpose, which doesn't seem to be the case here.

  Hazy_fml  |  0

Isn't that a double standard?
When a female says it, and she may very well be dead serious, nobody second guesses it.
But god forbid a man says it in a serious manner!

  LchTessMnstr  |  3

OP, you and your best friend are assholes.
When someone says they can't/don't want to do something, it isn't your job to make them do it. Others know their own limits better than you do. Hope you jumped in to save him, and that you had to pay for his phone, and that your crush never dated you and thought you were a fuckin douchebag.

  Yokaze  |  0

Unlike a lot of other words, "bitch" is a completely valid insult to me. I mean, it doesn't actually refer to anything offensive, though sometimes I feel bad for female dogs for being associated with such terrible people. My point is, I'm a girl and I don't really care if guys or girls use the word "bitch," assuming it's the right sort of situation, whether it's joking or not. Of all the words to be offended by, this is a pretty silly one.

Also, I wouldn't push friends into the water, but I'm irrationally passive, and I don't blame the girls if they didn't know he couldn't swim. Though I wish that guy that told them he couldn't would have just jumped in the water to help instead of starting a conversation with the girls. That's the real fail here.

  bobbysnickers  |  0

wow you can still got to a party to hand with friends. just because you cant swim doesnt mean you dont have to go.
im sure he thought no one would just come and forcefully thrown him into the water.

  dilqncho  |  1

ANd even if they do,who the hell goes to a pool party without being able to swim AND without letting everyone know,and who the hell gets pushed in the water by two girls without being able to swim and without even yelling "I CAN'T SWIM!".This is just....weird


I'm kind of the same way, if I'm not swimming I plummet straight to the bottom. The only difference is that because my mom was a lifeguard I had to learn to swim early and because of this douche I knew I don't need to use my hands to swim either. I'm one hell of a diver though.

By  danz123  |  7

failures as people, but if you wanna get the admiration of everyone, (plus your crush) why not jump in and get him?

or you should've said, he tripped, and then "trip" yourself, then go get him, looool. unless he saw you pushing the guy off the dock, then ur screwed.

anyway fyl.