By lostforlife - 13/07/2012 00:52 - United States - Camden

Today, I asked my teenage daughter to read off directions from my iPhone while I drove. She went on Instagram instead. We missed the turn by 32 miles. FML
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omfg_creepers 8

You should have made her push the car with yourself in it 36 miles backwards.

If she has a job, make her pay for the gas she wasted!


omfg_creepers 8

You should have made her push the car with yourself in it 36 miles backwards.

But then they would have been 4 miles the wrong way!!!

Then add an extra mile for every picture she took lol

omfg_creepers 8

19 - Yes but a little extra wouldn't hurt

GovernorGeneral 8

(1)-I LOVE SPROOOOO - hearts. Hearts everywhere-

I actually don't know whats so great about can take pictures and edit them on the computer as well.

I remember long time ago that there was this big peice of paper with words on it so you dont get lost , oh wait its a map. plus now adays cars have built in gps.

Not all cars have built in gps or have money for a built in gps package. Most people do have smart phones and have some form of gps app.

OP's daughter is an irresponsible idiot.

shutyourmouth12Z 7

I think she's responsible for making sure he has new followers

The question is... Why did OP even have instagram on their phone anyway??

Daftendirekt1 0

Well it's handy to have to take and do simple edits of photos on the go. And you never know - OP could be a hipster.

Michellec9982 18

Teenagers these days....

People these days...

instagram is the shit so STFU ! -.-

Yea dislike my comments bitches :D

GovernorGeneral 8

Bitch please. I am the shit.

22cute 17

41- There's no way you can blame a parent for The Great Teenage Cellphone Addiction. Its bigger than all of us!

2 - You seem to be forgetting that you're thirteen years old.

You know 43, I am a teenage guy. I am addicted to my Ipod, but not all of us teenagers act like b*tches. It's not the mother's fault, for she trusted her child.

Stereotyping these days...

Steelersman 9

seriously, please stop stereotyping all teenagers, we're not all stupid annoying people

I constantly hear shit about the teenage generation, but let's not forget the generation that created all these things like mobile phones etc. what is so ironic is they are usually the generation that bitches about it. It's not out fault we were born in this technological age!

Not all teenagers are like this

22cute 17

People, people- EVERY generation of teens hears stuff like this AND when you are in you're 40's you'll want to gripe about some new teen phenomenon. Besides, I didn't generalize. I didn't say teens these days are addicted...I said there is a phone addiction. I'm sure no one in present company is part of that movement. But I promise you it is out there. I teach high school, OMG the texting!

SobrietyKills 14

Hey hey hey... I'm a teenager and I believe instagram is just an idiotic collection of filters. Please don't associate me with the other fools my age :c

You know not all teenagers are this bad. And just because the teenagers misbehaving doesn't mean it's the parents fault, you can't just keep blaming the past generation for your own faults. Take the freakin responsibility for your actions do we can change our generations bad reputation, and make sure we don't all end up like OPs daughter.

There were always stupid and annoying teenagers.

MeLikesDigBicks 5

Instagram IS pretty addicting...

GovernorGeneral 8

I used to have that app before it got famous. But i deleted it before that happened cause i thought it sucked. It wasnt addicting for even one second... Get off the ******* bandwagon.

shutyourmouth12Z 7

I kind of agree

heytrollhey 12

It can be addicting but this isn't the case, she could've read a little piece of information that would've saved them 32 miles worth of gas.

instagram is so addicting! follow me, stephissilly

Would have saved the daughter a hour, give or take, sitting in a car being what seemed to be bored.

I had Instagram before the people who have no photography skills and only post quotes got there. It used to be a great app.

It's not necessarily just being "on a ******* bandwagon" to find it addicting. I'll get down voted, but I really like the app.

fgwrxfiend 11

No its not..instagram is shit and a compete waste of time,but then again what social networking site isn't?? Procrastinating as we speak -__-

Ahhh, instagram. A haven of artists. I jest, it's full of MySpace-esque mirror shots with generic filters.

Lame ass hipsters....

Trainwizard 1

Instragram is a troll app that turns cell phones into the poor man's SLR. I have no need for it. And I'm not too fond of it's watermark. It hurts my eyes. Lol.

kaileylovesyew 4

106- i agree with u 100%

I have one but I rarely post. I don't get those who have a really big addiction.

Invest in a GPS! Oh made a rhythm in no time... Wow I'm a poet and I didn't know it. Couldn't resist :( Sorry though OP.

Why do u have to rhyme All the time?

MagicGiraffe 12

That doesn't exactly rhyme..

Not every sentence rhymes... Rhythm doesn't rhyme with time.

52 I believe he ment rhyme not rhythm -- as rhyme does rhyme. that is all.

I read this comment And thought with a frown "It's rather inane So it gets a thumbs down."

62 you used the incorrect "your" in one of your get back under your bridge.

Ya'know that when you sometimes find a word that's spelled wierd, type it wrong in google and it shows a list of simular words including that word you want. Might want to try that for a while.

GovernorGeneral 8

You too 104.

I know they meant 'rhyme,' I was being pedantic, sorry. /:

Oh I see now. Rhythm. Rhyme. Ah I always get confused. There are not too many words with 'Rh' ... Except rhinoceros, rhinitis, and that's all I know.

#154, what about rhetoric?

Invest is your breast and buy new underwears! -Double Divas

MyaaBayyBee 6

Sorry OP , Next time you could pull over and just turn your GPS on your phone .

Don't blame her. You lose track of time when you use instagram.

I think her mother is quite right to blame her for not doing what she said and sending them over 30 miles in the wrong direction. Gas is expensive and time is non renewable. Is it ok too for those people who neglect their family responsibilities because they're playing lol or wow?

How the **** can you not blame the daughter?

Get an android!! It reads the directions out to ya! But FYL, gas is wayyyy expensive! Teach her a lesson, make her fill up your tank!

iPhone's say the directions out loud too.

gmc_blossom 21

Just another reason Androids are so much better, eh? Lol, no. It's all a matter of personal preference and some of us prefer iPhones. Just saying, don't think getting an Android will make everything better.

32- haha I didn't realize they did that! And no, I don't necessarily think Androids are better :) I just thought if that was something OP could use then Android won out. But I didn't know some iPhones read them out too lol. My in-phone GPS is actually a feature I fell in love with lol and my cousin has an older iPhone that doesn't read em out, so I didn't realize some did, that's all. :)

Make her get a job. Depending on age and if she already has one. I hear selling your child for cheap labor is a lucrative business.

Android phones are vastly better, since you don't have to pay the Apple Stupidity Tax. iCrap = overpriced fashion accessories. Get a real phone.

klovemachine 24

OP's daughter needs to learn how to listen. I hope the OP can think of a suitable punishment.

If she has a job, make her pay for the gas she wasted!

Even if she doesn't!

Why does my comment like this get thumbed down lol? People on FML hate me. FML

82- Girls get the upper advantage.

Sounds like someone has a little bit of a self indulgence issue XD