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Today, I went to the pool with my son. One moment I'm sitting down, applying sunscreen to my legs, and the next I look up to see him squatting on the diving board, seconds before dropping a deuce into the pool. As we got kicked out, he screamed that it was my fault. FML
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That is so gross. I feel sorry for everyone else who was in the pool FTLs

olpally 32


olpally 32

This is one of those FMLs that you think can't get worse than this. OP, your son should know that doing that in public is gross since he was able to get on the diving board.

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Way to watch your child there OP. my ex gf was at a public pool with her kids and she got distracted for no more than 3 minutes and her oldest daughter fell and drowned. Like I said this was a public pool with people around. Also this is a true event her daughter's name was Kylie Lampson you can google it and read what happened

That's extremely insensitive to say. First off that's tragic and unfortunate for your ex and not that its her fault in any way, but to compare that situation with the OP's is ignorant at best. let's hope you don't ever have to go through that with your own kids. but then again maybe you should avoid having any at all.

olpally 32
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51- That girl was 11 years old and in a kiddie pool no deeper than 2.5 feet. It was not her moms fault. Who would think that they need to watch intensely over their 11 year old as they enter a kiddie pool?

#51 You dated a women who already had three kids? Did you also have three kids and were going for a Brady Bunch thing?

What does that have to do with anything 82. You don't know these people.

That's totally not relevant; furthermore, it's really not your place to be spreading another family's tragedy around.

#51: Do you really think it's appropriate to be putting stuff like that on the cml of all places?! It's not your tragedy to share and this certainly is not the place to share it. Insensitive asshole. Also, reading about it, people say the girl was ignored for over 7 minutes, so the mother was 'distracted' for more than 3 minutes.

I dont even know what 'the cml' is. Apparently my phone doesn't like fml.

That is so gross. I feel sorry for everyone else who was in the pool FTLs

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I find it funny that some people think he's serious

I find it funnier that most people on FML are stupid enough to go around taking jokes seriously, and then blame it on the person who made the joke.

First off, awesome picture. Second, why?

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How old is he?! I feel so bad for you op. Sorry.

If he's old enough to make it up the diving board and drop a deuce, I think he's old enough to know that what he did isn't acceptable.

I agree. He's also old enough to know that he deserves a good ol'-fashioned, public, bent over mom's knee ass-whoopin.

I agree 43...though she might want to hose him off before she puts him over her knee.

THANK YOU!!! Now, excessive beatings aren't okay, but a good ass whooping for something like that... Needed, to say in the least.

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If he's old enough to swim, he shouldn't be ******** in the pool.

Time to bring out the 'ol belt, I say.

Careful, the mods don't like mention of corporal punishment.

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I was thinking the same thing...whip dat ass!!!

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Chocolate Rain, Chocolate Rain.

"some stay dry whilst others feel the pain" oh my god this applies too well!

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It's even funnier that he somehow blames his mother for taking a shit in the pool. By the way, how high was that diving board?

Chocolate Rain The bell curve blames the baby's DNA

40, I just shuddered at the thought of the massive plop it would've made had it have been off a high diving board... Ugh...

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Humiliation for you and grossness for those in the pool. So sorry OP.