By inalotofpain - 16/04/2011 12:46 - United States

Today, while relaxing in the kitchen drinking coffee, my dad suddenly rushed in, knocking me over and causing me to spill boiling hot coffee all over myself. Then, my dad thought it would be a good idea to grab the sprayer from the sink and douse me with cold water in order to "put me out." FML
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yeahh youd rather burn than be soothed by cold water huh.

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Well shouldn't it cool you down a bit?


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your dad must be really stupid.

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he's not stupid. He just missed his single days and wet t-shirt contests. "oh OP you look so much like your mother" *breathing heavily*

Not stupid, but smart. He got the coffee off. As long as the hot coffee is on them, it will burn.

Not stupid, if you get scalded you're supposed to run the area under cold water...

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oP YDI for drinking 'Boiling Hot Coffee'.... or, were you exaggerating just a wee bit ?

This sounds like the beginning of a very badly scripted porno.

I agree. "sorry babe you're so hot I had to put you out" just wait for the pizza guy to show up with the extra sausage large pizza

Not even in the sanctuary women are safe :(

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No, your not supposed to run a burn under cold water. New rules for burns! Take a 1st aid class!

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OP is a douce!(spelling error?)(shut up Nazis!)

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Well shouldn't it cool you down a bit?

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Yeah, it would. It's not going to "put you out" since you're not on fire, but it'll still cool you down. I heard baking soda and water stop the pain pretty effectively too.

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lemon juice works well. the bigger the wound, the better!

yeahh youd rather burn than be soothed by cold water huh.

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At least he cares enough to cool you down!!!

dumb ass,, he probably knew that you need to stop burns with cold water before they become worse. So stfu he just saved you third degree burns!

Wow, a coffee maker that heats your coffee enough to destroy skin and nerves? I need one of those!

I was carrying a coffee in a cardboard cup and I got a burn which tuned into a huge blister from it without the coffee even having to touch my skin

#7 New rules for burns, your not supposed to run burns under cold water anymore! So before you name call someone.....

It is warm water, cold water causes your body to go into shock.

#112 First aid class is where I learned it from.

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it's never put ice on a burn not cold water.. cold water heals me everytime. How would warm water work? Doesnt make much sense does it?

cold watet causes shock and its dangerous timid water or just a little hos is good to stop blisteting and help healing

Hey, he was only trying to help. At least you didn't burn yourself down there!!

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ouch. your dad fails at life.

Love your pic! The Annoying Orange is hilarious!

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the annoying orange is ******* ANNOYING. but I guess it's supposed to be. and would you rather be burnt than be cooled off?

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Good lookin' out, your Dad! Probably helped the coffee stains from setting in your clothes too! Just grab the sprayer and get him back for the whole situation, then have a good laugh XD

Actually, dousing you with cold water is the right thing to do with hot water burns. A similar thing happened to a girl at my school. I threw loads of cold water on her after it happened and was told that that was the best thing to do. So, kudos to your dad for trying to rectify his mistake.

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actually baking soda is the best. it stops the chemical reaction of your skin when it burns. if you get it on quick enough it won't even leave a blister

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11 you are correct. 18 you are wrong. cold water or ice is definitely the way to go.

no.. studies show ice should not be used.. but yes on the cold water.

Immerse the burn in cool or cold water. Do not put ice directly on the burn, as this can cause further damage to the skin. Make the water as cold as tolerable and keep it in water until pain ceases.

Actually cold water is the worst for burns! What are they teaching y'all??!!!??? Take a new 1st aid class. Learn, pleaseee!!

actually, you throw more hot coffee to counter the coffee burning the skin. you guys are welcome, and should really take a first aid class like i did.