By rowie1311 - 27/03/2011 18:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I joked with my dad, saying I'd gotten my boyfriend pregnant. In response, he slapped me, threw my phone across the room, smashed my laptop, and then took a moment for what I'd said to sink in. FML
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This is why I don't joke with my dad. Even though me and my fiancée just had a baby earlier this month.

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Thank you for your service.

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#33: "Hulk smash" just have to say that is the best comment ever.

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LOL^ (raspy voice): YEAHHH!

how did you get your boyfriend pregnant?

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Let me enlighten you, 145. I bet you never knew women produced sperm too? Well when women's sperm is stronger than their man's sperm, it overpowers the man's sperm and pushes it back into the guy, thus impregnating him. Ask your health teacher about THAT.

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this whole convocation made me LMFAO

LOL HAHAHA what's with all the hilarious typo errors :x

181 is teaching me things!! Lol, for all those people who can't see that it's a joke, without a  or jk, ITS A JOKE!!!

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hahaha 181! I have learned a lot from you all. my biggest thanks(: lol

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haha these comments are better than the post.:)

I hope her dad is in anger management now...

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Somebody needs to be a little bit smarter...

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if her boyfriend was actually a woman, maybe. but then how to get the sperm..

sounds like a question from the 40 year old virgin. "is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it??"

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78, he probly has selective hearing. all he heard was boyfriend, then pregnant.

No it went Boyfriend Pregnant slap hoe breakshit

failbear ! your picture is the same as an old FMLer called fappy.... not sure if that's a coincidence...

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just because you aren't close to your dad, it doesn't mean other people are.

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Yeah, the dad sounds like a retard. Hopefully op didn't inherit any of his "intelligence"...

aww shucks, u sound like 1 dumb mussacra girl

someone who wants their ass kicked and stuff broken. :-P

If closeness means getting slapped by my dad and having my laptop broken over a joke, I don't want to be close to my dad.

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45 u are one ****** up individuall

At the end of daddy's little tirade, I would have been fatherless.

I think you meant to say, "Your Dad is a violent moron."

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just because you aren't close to your dad, it doesn't mean other people aren't. lowlife bitch.

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no need for harsh the language

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I don't think you got the fact that 6 was probably joking. That doesn't make them a lowlife bitch at all. If anything that's what you are for calling others names for no legitimate reason.

just because your close to your dad doesnt mean some people are. besides, they were talking about the OP's dad, not yours or anybody else's.

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45- Just because you changed your name from "ChantelOwns" to "ChantelRenaeee" doesn't mean that we don't know who you are. If you're going to start a new account so that people will leave you alone, then actually change the WHOLE name. Not just part of it. Although, I'm assuming you couldn't because your IPod is "messed up", huh?

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Whoa there, ChantelRenaee!!!! Did someone stick their tampon in the wrong orifice or what this morning?! Remove it and chill the **** out!!

45- you're the one with the funny hat

stop trollin everbody is different stop hatin on ppl that are different from you

45 how is not being close to your dad make you a "low-life bitch"??? that doesn't even make sense...

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ahh what a shame 45 you actually look cute to me...too bad your only pretty on the outside eh?

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45-wow that was a lil..idk but u have some deep Dwn issues, ur face is pretty f-d up to lol being totally serious tho get a make over some I mean Gawd

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#45 wtf were you reading because it was this fml

45- I bet your dad is even more moronic than the OP's

that's why you never give anal to your bf

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For real. He shouldn't be slapping his daughter around like that.

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God help you if you have kids...if I see you in the news, I'll automatically know who it is. especially with that pic.

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If your child got pregnant wouldn't you be mad? I would. I'm assuming OP is probably like 18ish, so obviously he would be mad?

' slapped her. trew phone across the room. smashed laptop'. im sorry... what? if you think thats normal behaviour well.. then i have nothing to say o.o

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no smart one. she said SHE got her BOYFRIEND pregnant. boyfriend getting pregnant?

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It was a mistake? I meant that, calm your ****. I'm not perfect, nobody is.

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who said it was his daughter

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Her dad probably thought it was the other way around (boyfriend getting girlfriend pregnant) At first.

That sounds like something my dad would do:/

My dad used to hit me and smash my shit, but now just hits my siblings and smashes their shit cause they haven't learned how to just ignore dad when he starts trolling.

Haha well my dad doesn't really smash my stuff (cuz he's the one who pays for them) but he used to hit me a lot when i was little...well then again i was a pretty stupid child lol:)

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97 - I dunno if that was a joke about being a stupid child but no one deserves to be hit.

My dad didn't hit me when I was younger cause he wasn't there. I'm thankful for his shit cause I don't think I'd be half the person I am if it weren't for always having to take care of myself.

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she probably meant spanked, which IMO is good if justified

I don't think any child deserves to be slapped, period. All your teaching your child is that slapping people will solve their problems.

I find that when I'm working with my younger siblings (the five year old being the best example if this) is positive reinforcement. And when I do get angry, which is more than I like to admit, I always apologize and explain why. Oh and along with hitting, talking down to kids is also a pet peeve if mine. As in dimming your language.

haha yeah i meant i kinda made my dad sound like a bad person but i actually love him very much, he only spanked me to protect me when i was stubborn about doing something that would screw me up...idk if that makes sense but i hope you understand:) You see, there are parents who abuse their kids just to take their anger out, which is wrong. and then there's parents who spank their kids when they wont listen to good advice and they try to to something that would potentially hurt them...which was my case:)

Your dad must be extremely stupid then. :)