Fright Night

By mzgabbster - 24/10/2010 12:21 - United States

Today, I was having the most wonderful bath. The water was steaming, the bubbles were bubbly, and I was reading a really good book. I put my book down to yawn and looked to my right. My gaze was met by the lovely face of my brother's pet tarantula. FML
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Haha. I think he wanted to take a bath too.

skyeyez9 24

Its a perv spider, watching you bathe. It was gonna use it's spider legs to give you a scalp massage and lather the shampoo in your hair.


Haha. I think he wanted to take a bath too.

hippiechick96 3

and the lovely face of your brother's pet tarantula was met by that good book? :)

"Today, I was taking a wonderful bath and reading a book, when I placed my book down in the water, yawned, and found myself staring at a large drowning spider."

haa. I find this good. athe tarantula wante in on the action:D

this one time, there was a spider on the wall of my bathroom whole I was peeing so I freaked out and peed all over the wall to kill it....I missed and had to clean the mess up too..

 wee woo! wee woo! It's a "SIRIN" You guys will get what I mean soon.

KingDingALing 9

26- Me to. I stand on a chair and start yelling "Eek! Eek! Eek!"

mcxhunni 0

It just liked the warmth should let him on you.:)

No he didn't. He wanted to nip his snowglobes.

At least he wasn't already in the tub

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I forget does YDI mean you deserved it or you dumb idiot?

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AHAHAHAHAHAH ! o godd i HATE spiders !! i would of died right there ! especially since it was a tarantula !! lmao xD

tdotgirl1 0

lmao!! I would have screamed and jumped out of the bath.

it would have been creepier if you hit it into the tub

It wanted a bath too, OP. Don't be selfish.

Quest_ 13

Oh my goodness, I would have ******* shat my pants!

Bathing in pants? What is this I don't even...

whats wrong with being fully clothed in the tub?

Quest_ 13

What I meant to articulate was that I would, hypothetically, be so overcome with shock and fright that the sheer velocity of my fear dump would have resulted in said slop exploding from my anus to splat all over the pants on the bathroom floor which I had previously discarded to bathe.

i bet you would be an exciting date ... lol

holy **** that was a vivid description Quest

28 That was one of the best things I've ever read.

there's semen running down my leg after your description...

jwbbabe 9

135 , your cute but that's juust nasty . llol

WallyTheWombat 0

Quest, you're my new favorite person after that. That was simply amazing.

SirPlagueRat 6

Quest, that was the most beautiful thing I have ever read, it brought me to tears.

quest, i tried to give you two thumbs up, but it didn't work. oh well, you're left with my sentiments. |the kid|

Tarantula /= pet. A pet should be something cute and cuddly. Like a boa constrictor or an inguanodon.

I want a Brazilian python. I held one named Princess once. She was 7 feet long and really liked my boobs for some reason.

I realize that as a ferret owner, this might sound hypocritical, but the pet snakes I've met have all been rather stinky. Anyone know why that is? That puts me off more than the common ick factor.

Snakes are like land fish and fish stink! idk

Hmmm, thats true for some snakes. I'm not really sure why though.

snake, answer me! snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE |the kid|

tencents - Are you sure it was a girl snake? It it were a boy, that would certainly explain the propensity for your boobs. Jane - I can't explain why snakes smell, but I liken it to the "wet dog" smell. What's that all about? How can every dog smell EXACTLY the same when wet?

WolfsGuns 0

I had a pet snake (red tail boa) and he never smelled, nor did his cage. I cleaned his cage every weekend. I have a few friends that have owned snakes and some of their snakes smelled because they didn't clean the cage often. If the snake is a boa, the cage gets pretty nasty if you don't clean it due to the mouse/rat guts and blood. Snake poop also smells really terrible lol.