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By  Chixken  |  6

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  kbautz  |  0

4-how would you know?


I hate it when people are comment 54 and have absolutely no good to say.

  LVblondie  |  3

4- it says Hannah...and that's a girls name??
...I could be a boy..I don't know..

  nic7973  |  23

#54 - sounds like you have 'first post' envy...of course if 'you' had posted first, it would have gone down in the annals of FML history as the zinger to beat all zingers...asshat!

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

If you read the post, clearly the roomate was a tarantula, and was devastated when her roomate billy ate the pet taco because Op (the female in this situation) was scared when he saw a Godzilla climbing his roomate.

Good day.

  Thatoneginger  |  0

Yes retard is offensive so we must call them the appropriate term "mentally challenged" which means they are challenged mentally for all those retar- I mean dumbasses out there. Stop being sensitive they're just words :)


I can imagine this:
You:Dude look I killed a giant spider
Roomate: agh
You: what I know it's scary and all but...
Roomate: that was Bobby...
You: shit
Roomate: slap
You: why the fuck do you even have a spider pet

  Goatinsfriend  |  8

Haha! In my mind it go:
Roommate: Have you seen Bobby?
Person: Who?
Roommate: .. My spider.
Person: oh...well.. shit.. Aha..
Roommate: ...
Person: you had a pet spider... Get out of my house.

  linstar  |  13

OP I'm impressed that you killed a tarantula, and I'm even more impressed that you didn't kill the housemate too, when you found out he had a tarantula in the house without asking first if that's ok.

  burninnapalm  |  5

126 actually, the original song was Spiderman's theme song. "spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size, catching bad guys, just like flies, look out, here comes spiderman"

Of course you would know this if you met the minimum age requirement to be a poster on FML without a parent supervision

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

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  DKjazz  |  20

Today, faced the of spiders. Smashed goddamned shit of. Trying impress cute roommate, scooped the and him. Was pet. FL
I down Godzilla all. I the holy out it. To my new, I up remains showed. It his tarantula. M

If you read just the first one, you kinda get the gist of it. The second one, not so much.

  sadistmonkey  |  19

Yes...that's kind of what arachnophobes do. The fact that the spider is someone's pet does not change the fact that it is heebie jeebie-inducing. The OP definitely didn't deserve it for killing a spider that should not have been roaming around freely anyway.

  M0rt  |  0

Tarantulas are also one of the more dangerous spiders so op was totally just in attacking it. With any kind of pet it's the owners responsibility to make sure people in their living quarters are aware of it.

  docscientist  |  9

Most people who claim to be arachnaphobes are really "arachnaphobes.". If op had arachnaphobia she wouldn't have been able to tolerate being in the same room, much less walk up to it and kill it. Op probably saw the spider and hatched her so brilliant plan to kill the spider and impress the guy. Both op and the owner were at fault.

  sadistmonkey  |  19

A) Arachnophobia manifests itself in different ways to different people. Some people have a fight response, others have a flight response, or a combination of both.
B) If the OP were perfectly fine with the spider, why would she kill it? Whether what the OP has fits the "true" definition of arachnophobia is irrelevant.
C) You can't extrapolate that the OP did it simply to impress her roommate. All we know is that she reacted to the spider's presence by killing it and then showed her roommate to impress him. That doesn't mean that she killed the spider in order to impress him.

  docscientist  |  9

A) You are correct about flight or fight response. But you really think someone with arachnaphobia would be able to go near the corpse, shovel it up and show it off? If OP's can do that, then I'd say she has some measure of control over her phobia.
B) You made the term arachnaphobia relevant when you used it to make a point. Whether op actually has the phobia or not would matter in an apology.
C) I make dry, cynical remarks sometimes. However, if op had arachnaphobia, it would have likely to have been mentioned as it would've been rather relevant exposition that motivated her behavior that helped create the fml. Or at least, it should've been mentioned.

  TColby  |  12

Forgive me if I'm mistaken but I'm pretty sure tarantulas are much more docile than most other spiders and only attack when they feel threatened. Also, their venom isn't that powerful so these two observations would actually make them one of the least lethal types of spiders.

  docscientist  |  9

Most spiders only attack larger creatures like us when they feel threatened, and tarantulas are pretty docile, allowing you to handle them with minimal risk. Most people just allow themselves to get freaked out because a) it's socially acceptable with most people to hate on spiders which b) stems from ignorance and c) who's behavior is reinforced because the general consensus is that spiders are "icky." Maybe op does have a phobia (though being able to handle the corpse is suspicious), but most of the people here claiming they'd do the same don't fit into the same category, and are being ignoramuses.

  Descant  |  1

Sorry, just thought all sides of this argument might like to know the correct spelling of "arachnephobia." It derives from the Greek myth of Arachne, who was turned into the first spider after a weaving contest with Athena. That's always helped me remember.

  evilplatypus  |  38

Except Princeton and Wikipedia list the preferred spelling as "arachno" while Google and Merriam-Webster don't even acknowledge the spelling "arachne."

A great deal of Greek word gets butchered or carved up when they come to English.

  desireev  |  17

Yes, I am Christian. No, I am not forcing my religion on anyone.
I just think it's tacky and extremely disrespectful to use those words. You don't see anyone else disrespecting other peoples religions.
And YDI, OP, for trying to impress a guy with a 2nd-grade date-tactic. Killing spiders, let alone, someones pet, is not impressive or cute or admirable in any way, shape, or form.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

Shut the hell up and go away. You take everything so Goddamned seriously, it's fucking painful to have to read.
All you do is act indignant about humorous things that you clearly do not understand.
BTW- What second grader do you know that goes on dates? Secondly, since when is showing a dead animal to someone a dating tactic?

Just leave all public forums until you grow a suffficient amount of grey matter, you silly thing.

  deadman93  |  7

people like you are one of the main reasons i dispise religion. damn, fuck, shit, sumnbitch, ass, hell, goddamn motherfucker etc. etc. are simply words. but theres people like you that have to ruin anything. but since ive broadend my mind and chose my religious standing; atheism it seems that no matter what were going to your hell might as well enjoy life as it is and suck it up or gtfo the internet and any open chat areas since thats what a majority of the world does.

  cookeemonster  |  7

Umm well god damned is sort of a curse but defending a spider? And to sensor it in your own post? I'm guessing your religious (no offense) but you need to just ignore little things like that

  desireev  |  17

Excuse me?! A sufficient amount of grey matter?! Bitch, PLEASE!
Come back with that nonsense when you get some 'grey matter' of your own!

That's what makes this site so amazing! I don't have to go away! It is, in fact, a public commenting site! And I am free to express my opinion!
And you are crazy if you think I'm going to take the advice to 'Shut the hell up and go away' from your rude, punk-ass!
I expressed my opinion. And, once again, I was not forcing my religion on anyone! But I AM going to express my opinion. And I will do it where and whenever I feel like!
Now cut your shit out and learn some damn manners!

  Shrike  |  22

Public? It's privately owned, you ain't free to say whatever you like, idiot troll. I hope you learn it the hard way with a boot up your ass.


Desireev, I'm totally on your side. I say gosh dangit all the time because it's funnier too. I don't force my religion on anyone but I will share my opinion as well. If atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, whatever respect me and my religion, I'll do the same to them. If they don't then they don't deserve respect for theirs (or lackthereof) and shouldn't get pissed when we Christians treat them the same way.

  Awsumuzzie  |  12

I love religious people! So cursing and not living thy neighbor aren't important to you in your religious views? Just that people say God or God dammit? Calm down, time stated your opinion once, like you wanted, that's all that matters. Now respect their ways of sharing opinions too.

By  puppypuncher  |  5

You scooped up its's remains to impress him? How the fuck does that work?
"Look! I've killed a creature because I'm too much of a pussy to set it outside! Impressed yet?!"