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Today, I was selling personalised stockings at work. When handing a customer's order over to her, which had no name on, I joked, "Oooh this is a bit mysterious". She replied, "Actually, it's in memory of the baby I miscarried earlier this year." FML
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You didn't know. Although that would've hurt to talk about a lost baby.

That's a bit bizarre for a parent to do. Why leave the kid's name off if it's supposed to be in memory? What am I missing here?


there's no name on the stocking because you don't give names to dead embryos. The lady who bought it was likely messing with the OP

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United States don't have an official language.

Maybe, but good grammar is still necessary.

I can't believe I'm saying this but C-c-combo breaker!!

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probably not an actual picture. why do people try to flirt over fml? fukken ridiculous

Coming from the guy with a picture of a robot, and who can't spell ******* right. What makes you think she was flirting? Ever heard of a compliment? Oh wait, you've probably never gotten one before.

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your annoying go away scene fail

I'm not scene. Nor am I trying to be. You fail for giving people labels.

I'm a ******* girl, I wasn't flirting. what the hell is wrong with everyone on this site being opinionated bitches. seriously.

go **** a duck. I wasn't flirting, I was giving another girl such as myself a compliment.

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then why does your quote thingy imply that death is the best choice?

What the hell does my bio have to do with it? its a quote! Jeez, I can't believe that you actually stereotype people cuz of what they believe in.

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You didn't know. Although that would've hurt to talk about a lost baby.

It was a pointless remark but still, it wasn't your fault. The woman probably knew that comments of that nature were inevitable. If you responded with some variation of "I'm sorry for your loss", there's really no reason for you to beat youself up further over this.

138 you obvioulsy have no idea how it feels to be pregnant. The fact that the foetus wasn't conscious has nothing to do with the fact that she lost a baby. Let's say she planned to get pregnant and was dreaming to be abe to hold her child. Started to think of a name for him, thinking of how her baby would look like or what kind of character it would have. It's actually a hard mourning since she never actually had a life with her baby. A life she was expecting with joy. A life she made with love. I can only imagine. If she thinks of her baby all of her life, she's just normal loving mother that probably deserved it so much!

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am I the only one here that hates those loooong responses just try to summarize what you're saying jeez

You're a complete bitch 168. It's a shame that you weren't miscarried.

Really, this comment makes no sense to me at all. What is your point?

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American isn't a language..... English is....

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#92 - that's not true. Neither the United States as a whole, or New York State in particular have an official language.

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187 you fail at being a grammar nazi. If the word starts with a vowel, than "an" would be the correct term. He was correct in saying "An official language."

And no Oklahoma does not have an official language. The bill simply states that all official state actions be conducted in English.

¿Tú no comprendas? ¡Es claro! ¿Tú hablas español tambíen? La mujer es muy triste y deprimida

u didnt know, dont stress. but what did u say after she said that?

i would've been speechless...but thats just mee :)

That's a bit bizarre for a parent to do. Why leave the kid's name off if it's supposed to be in memory? What am I missing here?

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Doc, I think the blank stocking symbolizes the void the parents now feel because their love has been lost.

If it was a miscarriage, maybe she didn't see a need to name it. Some people feel like it's important to name it; some people could be equally heartbroken, but don't see naming it to be an important step in grieving.

I believe Fox is correct, Doc. Where I live, if the baby took one breath you are required to have a birth certificate with a name. In circumstances such as stillbirth and miscarriage, it is not required and many parents do not name the baby. That said, the stocking thing is honestly strange to me. What a cruel reminder of what will never be.

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ImaginaryFoe, perhaps the baby would have been born around the holidays, and the family wants to honor the thought of what would have been. I'm just speculating, but that's a nice gesture.

I agree. At an abortion clinic here they try to give you a pretty stone to remind you of the baby you are killing. Very strange. Not something I would want to have a souvenir from...

That is a good point, Fortuitous. Not something I would consider doing but understandable the way you've phrased it.

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It was miscarried,They probably never decided it's name or never had the chance to.

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Maybe they didn't know the sex of the baby. If I remember correctly, most (yes, I know not all of them do) miscarriages happen in the first trimester and the sex of the baby is not determined until the second trimester. Poor parents though. Miscarriages are super tough. : (

How odd. I would've sworn the post said "the baby I lost" which left the manner of loss open to interpretation.

I thought so, too.. I thought I was making an assumption when I commented, which is why I said "if." O_o Huh. I must have just skimmed it.

Foe- it did say "baby I lost." It must have been edited. Still, I find this a bizarre thing to do. My wife is pregnant now, and if we lost him/her, I certainly wouldn't memorialize the event.

Congratulations! Your second, I presume? I've miscarried and I couldn't imagine doing this either. It honestly doesn't seem like a healthy way of dealing with the grief and moving on. But I realise everyone has his/her own way of mourning.

Thanks. Yeah, this is #2 and I couldn't be happier. How'd you guess?

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nothing.she obviously had no name for it..

doc, i think the cute pic of your daughter (that is your daughter, right?) was the giveaway that this is your second child :P she is very lovely and congrats on your second baby!

or maybe the foetus was old enough to see what gender it was but the parents decided to not know to avoid more pain. My mom miscarried once and that's what happened.

Also, many people wait until their child is born to name him/her. Since it was a miscarriage, the child remains nameless.

maybe the parents hadn't yet decided on a name?

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You know... a personalised stocking, as the post says. Reading skills are life skills.

^^^ahahaaa i lol'ed when i read your comment^^^

in all fairness, if you don't celebrate Christmas or take part in any of the schlock surrounding the holiday, this fml could take a few minutes to register.