By SpideyFace - 19/03/2011 01:36 - Canada

Today, with water in my eyes, I stepped out of the shower and rubbed my face with a towel. When I looked in the mirror, I realized there had been a giant spider on the towel. Its guts and legs were smeared all over my face. FML
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Eww, get back in the shower. How did you not feel it though? Anyway, FYL.


she got a free protein meal to start off the day

I don't know, I would like to think the squelching sound would be a give away. Then again it happens to the best of us.

#46, can't say I've ever had that happened to me lol maybe the OP lives more up north where bugs and spiders are the size of cats

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#59 I live up north and I have never seen a bug the size of a cat...

#61, figure of speech. They are not literally the size of mammals, but they are bigger and more plentiful up north in Ontario, especially during the summer and in cottage country

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ha this is one of those times where I'm happy we don't get spiders... our cat kills them ^_^

your cat is in danger of those spider size of cats!

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I have never thought to check my towel before drying off, but thanks to you I do now....

i would have gotten my straw and suck up what i missed.

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I cringed while reading this. This would also suck if OP has arachnophobia.

Pff. I'd ******* kill myself if that happened to me.

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you spider killer!!!!! i will avenge that poor creature!

I'll help. My friend threw a shoe at a huntsman the other day and killed it because he's a little pussy bitch and we all had a rage at him.

I'm what you'd call a "pussy" as I'm arachnophobic, but I'd never kill one. :3

ive killed alot more than me it doesn't

Ewie. Should've used your hands to wipe away at least MOST of the water.. Duh.

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luckily, you're in the bathroom so you can just wash it off ASAP. although, I too would be flipping out because of the grossness factor.

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and this is why I always shake out the towel first! just in case

#10 Agreed! I shake out my towel too just to avoid a situation like this. :)

spider spider on the wall, have you got no sense at all? don't you know that wall's been plastered? now you're stuck you stupid... spider.