All sexed up

By Anonymous - 24/10/2010 07:31 - United States

Today, I found dried cum in my hair - after being at work for two hours. FML
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smokeymcpottt 3

He tried to get your hair pregnant.

UnicornsDoExist 0

There's this thing called a shower. It's new and everything, but t does work.


I was sleeping at work for two hours...when I woke up


wow OP you have a whole bunch of nerds working in the cubicles around you and the stood over the wall and shot cum at your hair and then all of a sudden they ran out of juice so they had to stop and you found out about the cum 2 hours after it all dried up...just my theory!.....

Daerauko 0

lol "last night I refused to swallow..."

At least it's not so visible there, now if it was in a black shirt then fml for sure

UnicornsDoExist 0

There's this thing called a shower. It's new and everything, but t does work.

i hope this is a typo meant to say 'gum'. haha ;)

haha. that is hilarious. but well try showering before work next time.

KingDingALing 9

Maybe if you stop having sex with blind guys OP, then they would aim right!

Maybe OP has long hair and doesn't wash it every day, and maybe the guy was already cumming and couldn't quite make it to her mouth

MissErikaHart 0

1 what do you mean by next 66 haha you kinda stole my comment. I wanted to say I hope you mean your hair is num (numb) which doesn't make much sinc but I never don't not make much sense. ;)

Farion 7

LOLOLOLOL... but no thats nasty lmao

ur dad told u to quit ur job at the district.

hippiechick96 3

op, where exactly do you work?

If you work as a stripper this shouldn't be awkward for you.

wwerulez14 6

"That's the last time I give my bf head before work..." This should be an FML for her bf, not her.

mona_is_here 10

Now make sure there's no Rohypnol in your cup of coffee.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

Is that... is that hair gel?

Elixa 0

mmmmm I love licking my bfs dads cum out of my hair ;)

182 so you eat both ur bf and his dads cum

that's some ****** up shit right there

Elixa 0

191 yeah, of course, I like anal, double penetration, so I get my bf and his dad to tag team me. Mr. Williams cum taste sweet yet, my bfs... salty.

Elixa 0

I do whatever daddy tells me.

hippiechick96 3

elixa, all your comments were moderated so I have no idea what you said but I'm assuming it's bad. lol

zerobahamut03 2

YDI for not showering or cleaning your face after doing the nasty or semi nasty... Gross.

Elixa 0
Elixa 0
Elixa 0

and my bfs dads Wang juice in my hair

Kyto7884 0

ewwww take a shower in the morning OP!

I agree! if you had a shower before you went to work, you wouldn't have to experience the embarrassment to having cum in your hair for the day, haa!

you are sexy. the kind of sexy that you lock in your basement. I would lick every inch of your sexy body!!

i think the guy failed in this one, how does he miss and get the hair

wait the same thing happened to me but I didn't have time to shower before school, beauty school where I was going to be doing other peoples hair all say

wtf? maybe ur boss came on u and u didnt know?

CommieKel 0

or there's people lurkin in the air vents...

BoyFromTheFuture 0

they rapin' everybody up in hair

brandonbkl 0

I considered not posting my comment just because I knew there'd be people like you three. Those who get it will get it without your help. Your comments are a literal waste of space.

Don't have to be a bitch about it. Maybe you shouldn't've posted it if it bothers you so much.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

you are a literal asshole. since it's the mime of the moment people like to play along not help. don't worry I'm sure you'll go down in history as the first guy who quoted bed intruder on FML (sarcasm). what a doucher...

BoyFromTheFuture 0

^ meme (damn you autocorrect)

hide yo wife and hide yo husband, they rapin errebody out there

hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband.

smokeymcpottt 3

He tried to get your hair pregnant.

dreaGiallo 0

that's what happens when you fondle the follicles. I say you just shave your head and you won't have to worry about that ever happening again.

Shave your head and you'll never have to worry about cum OR sex again.

wow u r soooo ******* hot. I like your muscles

^ as silly as it sounds this made my day! haha

Op, it's better than finding wet cum in your hair!

Hgielad_720 0

heyy I thought you were very pretty so I thought I would message you

You thought, hmm? Sounds like a bit of a stretch.

nitrogirl 0

what did you do on your brake?(;

Daerauko 0

lol gee, let's think about it for a moment.

Jessi2487 0

i think what 9 means is break*

apet214 10

More like who did you do on your brake? ;-)

I don't know how you know exactly what was in your hair when you seem to be clueless as to how it got there when you were at work, but I'm going to assume you are an expert in having cum in your hair. Must be a common experience in your life.

ohsuzykuew 0

they do understand. they are just trying to be funny. you probably didn't realize it because no one has succeeded at it yet.

I think you are giving them too much credit, ohsuzy. Some are attempting to be funny, others are genuinely dense.

damn ur bf has a powerful shot lol, and apparently you have sub-par hygiene