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By evelynn - 20/05/2010 06:25 - France

Today, the guy I'm seeing and I were having sex. While I was having my orgasm, he looked at me and said "SHHHH!". FML
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you're getting laid, and had an ******... and this bad because...?


man... do women now want to talk during sex too!?

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It's a good thing he told you to shut up. Otherwise we'd have yet another 'I'm too damn loud in bed and the neighbors called the cops, thinking my boyfriend was beating me' fml.

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Threadjack: FML lied to me!! It said there were 4 new FMLs and there were (was?) only 3!!!! >:( *nerd rage*

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25 no there are four of them.

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maybe someone could hear you

this post was written by op's boyfriend

maybe the doesn't like the sound u make when ur having an ******

having sex with someone who keeps talking, and it's not even sexy talk, is worse.

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lmfaoooo! that never happened to me! haha. & that's weird cause I usually moan really loud! :p

I'm only used to screms of elation, moaning reminds me of a zombie.

Screams? like the one in your picture? Lol

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A Porno watching virgin? Gathering info maybe?lol I think it's funny in some movies when the guys isn't even touching the girl and she's screaming like he is.

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hmm... are you sure that's true #58?

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A moaning chick is the best.

# 17, no! lol I'd rather a guy just shut up and **** me.

maybe he was pissed and using your pussy to get his rage out.

to' 58 i refuse to' believe a gorgeous raving girl like u has not had sex... if its really true hi five i wish the girls i knew were like u ;)

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there's alot of gorgeous girls who are virgins there's nothing crazy about it ts the ugly girls who are freaks (atleast where im from)

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So, give him a ********, bite his dick and then say "SHHHH!"

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17 rockin a 2 incherrrr WOOOT! xD

Its the ugly and super hot chicks that are freaks, the average looking ones are the virgins, lol

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22 uses too many crest whitestrips

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17 and 21 look like they wouldn't have any idea what sex with a woman is like. sorry. but it's true

how can u not have had sex u are fit!

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my boyfriend did that to me today :/ except he goes "god babe be quiet you're right next to my ear"

probably just loud... not really ur fault

Silly women! Female orgasms are a myth!

pass my greetings to a very late mr obvious...

Maybe you don't sound sexy when moaning. He wanted his dick wet, he was pretending you weren't there. Maybe he was pretending you were gaged, you know off in some fantasy world ? who knows. However, I hope you shushed.

you're getting laid, and had an ******... and this bad because...?

Yep. TMI ahead: if I were having a loud ******, I wouldn't have noticed a damn thing he said.

yea I completely agree. she better have made him a sandwich afterwards as well

My boyfriend does that sometimes when his mom is at home, eventhough I am quiet. I hate that. But if you were really annoying loud, than you deserved it. There was a time when I was really, really loud, because I thought he liked that, but it was actually very annoying if I think about it :'') But when you orgasms, and you're alone, you may be as loud as you want. So FYL.