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  cincin75  |  0

He is smart, I have to say that. But how about if he got hundred-polar? He would need a whole company of girls, 1st platoon to 3rd, with 9 bed combat squads. Hello, captain?

  kybabyy  |  4

I'm aware they're different things.
A) It doesn't change the fact I've never heard that one before (most people would plea a multiple personality disorder as opposed to bipolar)
B) If you've ever known a bipolar person, they seem like two completely different people.

  Jasper8713  |  2

#97: No.... Schizophrenia isn't when you have multiple personalities, and even then, there's many types of schizophrenia. Paranoid schizophrenia (which is the one people assume is multiple personalities) is characterized by paranoia (thinking people are out to get you, etc.) and having delusions and hallucinations which confirm this belief. Multiple personalities (Known in the psychology world these days as dissociative identity disorder, or DID), is when you have more than one personality. The diagnosis is one of, if not, the most rare in psychology and psychiatry, and is nearly impossible to fake.

  torcom  |  0

That's an EPIC WIN! I need a different girl for each day of the week because If I had to deal with the same one for more than a day, it would clearly be chaos. LMAO

  Giorgio272  |  2

what a champ. as someone who suffers from both bipolar and bouts of amnesia I can completely relate. brings a tear to my eye. but the again you should be sucked off. mm nice and long time too. like a Hoover.

  Lolitia  |  4

Only half right, schizophrenia is when you have hallucinations (visual or otherwise), delusions etc because your serotonin and dopamine levels are wrong. And it sucks :/


#97- Do you mean schizophrenic? Lol.
#255- Your right! They have constant mood swings and some of them get irritated very easily, I know this because I dated someone with that disorder... :-(

  Blame_The_Dog  |  0

Bipolar isn't when you have multiple personalities.
Bipolar is when you fluctuate emotions for no reason, like you're really happy then the next minute you're mad for no reason.

Tell your bf to study before he lies :)

  firefaery  |  0

^^^ Thank you, 116. As a psych. major, it REALLY pisses me off when people get their psychological disorders mixed up, and talk about it like they understand what they're saying when they don't have a clue. I'm married to a man who's mother has a plethora of mental illnesses, including manic depression and bi-polar disorder, but she only has ONE personality, and she DOESN'T hear voices, contrary to popular (and often mistaken) belief.

  Tikwichka  |  5

There are many more symptoms to schizophrenia than hallucinations. It is a syndrome with a wide range of different symptom combinations, like negative type schizophrenia consists of depression, anhedonia etc.

  poleez  |  0

it depends on how u define personality. "the relaxed Jake" and "the pissed Jake" are results of being bipolar and since they act different ppl often just call them sdifferent personaliitiew


But the point is, they are both still Jake. Just two sides of the same coin. If it was someone with DID, then there wouldbe Jake, Ben, Vlad, Mary, etc. Depends on how many personalities there are. The OP's bf (hopefully ex) is an idiot. Period.

  OverFlash  |  15

Not really, 223. "Happy Jake" and "Pissed Jake" are the same basic personality, just with different standard moods, therefore, admittedly, different reactions to things, due to the effect of their moods on reactions. People with different personalities, on the other hand, will actually be different, notably when in the same mood.