By Nate - United States
Today, we watched a movie in class. Afterwards, the professor asked us what we thought. I raised my hand and said it was pretentious, dull and a really poor example of filmmaking. It was the movie HE spent five years writing and directing. FML
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  nachos99  |  0

I am a mediawhore who is replying to to the first comment! On a more serious note he did ask for opinions. If he asks for an opinion he's going to get some, whether they're good or bad.

By  Curcolio_fml  |  0

I really hope you explained your point of view, and had some good reasons to tell that.

Because even if the movie was "pretentious, dull, and a really poor example of filmmaking", your teacher is sooo not going to forgive you.

Diplomacy FTW. o/

By  RLJJ  |  0

All above (#1 through 5) are right, but unfortunately teachers are not generally renowned for their open-mindedness.
Be prepared to suffer till the end of the year...

Oh, FYL by the way.