By Anonymous - 14/01/2013 17:58 - United States - Arlington

Today, while I was having sex, he stopped, looked at me all seriously and said, "Permission to climax, ma'am?" FML
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1 - I know! I usually ask girls if they'd like to come into the swaggin wagon before I put roofies in their drink. But It's all fun and games till someone calls the cops... I just wanted to be a gentleman, ya know?

I'm sorry, but, where's the problem here?

Honestly before I opened the comments I was thinking the same thing.

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He didn't want to spread his seed without permission. Yes, quite a gentleman.

U_GotitDude 18 a true gentleman the lady always comes first.

Don't see the problem here... He sounds sexually like a dream!

Hahaha, he wanted his little soldier to finally stand down.

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$5 foot long!!! Oh wait; we're talking about different foot longs...

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I surely hope so for his sake, don't want anything going blue now. :p

Oh my god 126, possibly one of the worst days of my life was finding out what that was.

How adorable 133. I remember my devious boys blue balls if I wasn't a fan. Hehe

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Well aren't you a heinous bitch

What the hell kind of question is that?

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@25 It's actually a very strong one. Could you hold it if you were not given permission? He is a sub, not a wimp.

A sarcastic one that will win him a hefty slap on the face, but absolutely no climaxing for him.

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Is "like a sir" the new "like a boss"? :-O

"Like a sir" refers to something done like a boss, but with more class, grace, and/or elegance.

He was just making sure you were as close to cumming as he was, so you could both get off together. Also, some girls hate when a guy comes without telling them... although I understand why the way he phrased it might've confused you.

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Well she could've been close, but he stopped to ask, which would ruin the moment.

so... boyfriend? husband? or was it a "john"? the rules are a little different if he was paying for it! haha fyl though