By Anonymous - 14/01/2013 17:58 - United States - Arlington

Today, while I was having sex, he stopped, looked at me all seriously and said, "Permission to climax, ma'am?" FML
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What a gentleman!

Did you give him permission?


What a gentleman!

razzberry 9

Such lovely manners!

MrBrightside21 20

1 - I know! I usually ask girls if they'd like to come into the swaggin wagon before I put roofies in their drink. But It's all fun and games till someone calls the cops... I just wanted to be a gentleman, ya know?

Finishing like a SIR. ಠ_ರೃ

I'm sorry, but, where's the problem here?

Honestly before I opened the comments I was thinking the same thing.

Permission granted.

LMFAOwned 9

He didn't want to spread his seed without permission. Yes, quite a gentleman.

Like a sir!

U_GotitDude 18

Very considerate of him a true gentleman the lady always comes first.

Don't see the problem here... He sounds sexually like a dream!

phantumgrey 6

Like a sir!!!!

I bet she said no

Did you give him permission?

I would give him permission, after all he did ask nicely.

Hahaha, he wanted his little soldier to finally stand down.

biasedshooter 24

You mean big soldier ;)

His foot long soldier

$5 foot long!!! Oh wait; we're talking about different foot longs...

Shrouds 14

was permission granted?

siickman 7

I surely hope so for his sake, don't want anything going blue now. :p

Oh my god 126, possibly one of the worst days of my life was finding out what that was.

How adorable 133. I remember my devious boys blue balls if I wasn't a fan. Hehe

generalasskicker 12

Well aren't you a heinous bitch

What the hell kind of question is that?

nycwrestler 17

A whipped one.

Werken247 14

@25 It's actually a very strong one. Could you hold it if you were not given permission? He is a sub, not a wimp.

A sarcastic one that will win him a hefty slap on the face, but absolutely no climaxing for him.

Like a sir.

Original comment there...

klovemachine 24

Is "like a sir" the new "like a boss"? :-O

"Like a sir" refers to something done like a boss, but with more class, grace, and/or elegance.

Tristyxxx 24

just because you asked: no

niner niner, we're going down

He was just making sure you were as close to cumming as he was, so you could both get off together. Also, some girls hate when a guy comes without telling them... although I understand why the way he phrased it might've confused you.

I agree with you 100% good point miss

i'm going with 39 on this one.

AndOtherDrugs 5

Well she could've been close, but he stopped to ask, which would ruin the moment.

so... boyfriend? husband? or was it a "john"? the rules are a little different if he was paying for it! haha fyl though

What did you say back?

"LEAVE AND DON'T CUM BACK!" That's the logical answer