Not now, Yoda

By iwassoclose - 10/04/2013 16:32 - United States

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend, and I told him I was close to having an orgasm. He smirked and started talking like Yoda, saying, "Strong with the cum, this one is." Orgasm gone. FML
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Well, you know what Yoda says: Do or do not, there is no try. Clearly, you did not.

Doesn't Yoda just have the sexiest voice you have ever heard?


How romantic. No, but seriously, fyl op

Well, you know what Yoda says: Do or do not, there is no try. Clearly, you did not.

That there one is purdy strong with th force he is.... *Hillbilly Jedi*

DyslexicPanda 12

What in the world did that have to do with anything, 39?

Was a brand new Jedi, with his own communications issues. Oh well. I thought it was funny.

Doesn't Yoda just have the sexiest voice you have ever heard?

RpiesSPIES 27

Right after Gollum.

Zyzz7 12

Why are there so many FMLs about weird nerd guys saying creepy things during sex...

#62- Because that's what they do.

LOL, I thought the exact same thing when I saw this FML. And for the record, I've dated plenty of smart, nerdy guys who might have cracked jokes like that in general or even during foreplay, but not so far into the act as to be a mood killer. Seriously, WTH?

Should've kept going with the flow

When will guys learn..

When will stereotypes learn...

Flying colours but mostly white

Is it just me that would love my girlfriend to do this?

Obey_StudBoii 23

NEVER. That's the whole thing.

If we are talking about flying colors we must be talking about light and therefore "white" includes ALL the colors. So.. Yeah.. SIENCE!!!

Llamacod 11

Umm... I think (hope) you mean science.

Llamacod 11

Or do you mean: SILENCE?

Why do people say they're close to an orgasm..? I never do that.. neither does my boyfriend. So much better without all the talking.

I find communication is key in the bedroom. For instance, directions like "harder," "let me get on top," or "wrong hole!" are all very useful. I view giving a head's up when it comes to orgasming is just common courtesy.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Because it's just better that way.

Judging by some fmls, some people's sex lives would have been much better if only they both could shut the hell up and f**k.

Pun intended, # 19?

#19, nothing wrong with some directions, but as I'm in a relationship I think my bf already knows what I want, and he does, and when you're in a relationship you should know what to do in bed. And if not, then yeah, some directions. But yelling "I'm going to cum!" is just pointless and ruins the mood.

How didn't you orgasm to that? I would of the moment he started talking like that.

Horny one, this one is.

dontpanic_fml 32

Would have would have would HAVE

Nazi nazi NAZI!

CharresBarkrey 15

Properly educated, properly educated, PROPERLY EDUCATED!

I was joking... Sad you can't see sarcasm.

Touché, my bad.

Llamacod 11

They probably saw the sarcasm just fine. What they were concerning themselves with was the "would of" which is incorrect and were trying to help you by correcting it with "would have". Sadly that seemed to go way, way over your head.

I had an orgasm just by reading this FML

you must be a weirdo, I finished on the spot just reading that

Sometimes, silence is golden.

So are some showe... Ok, I'm not even going to finish that one... no. It's ok, I'll finish for you. Some showers are golden. But for love of God, always ask your girlfriend if she actually likes to be pissed on before you commence!! ;)

but don't you know *cartmanvoice * you just put it in her, slap her around a bit, then pee in her. :p

He was just trying to go green! Eh, maybe that joke is a little forced, anakin tell it may get thumbed down.

I, too, am surprised it did not.

This comment needs more thumbs