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Today, while me and my boyfriend were having sex, he moaned out his own name. FML
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Lone_Wolf_099 5

to used to giving himself a "hand" when hes alone?


It could just be that he's gay and in love with a guy who has the same name as him.

Horde 8

would you prefer he moaned out your best friend's name?

Ye the gay boyfriend with same name is a facinating one.

Volcomsmy_Lyfe 0

Lol horde, true, or any other girls name. Ps what server :) on WoW. I'm on kel'thuzad - horde :)

Jessi2487 0

sorry about the repeat comment my phone froze :p and now i know what this anti flood thing is that everyone talks about

FreeRunn3r 12

haha ppl say crazy shit during sex like" is it in" or "so how's them Yankees?".

he is trying to mix it up. I bet your so boring he is trying to thing of some thing to do, and since he is the one doing the work. He is giving himself credit. ydi for being boring

boring. it's just like all those other fml's where one partner moans an incorrect name.

FreeRunn3r 12

I kinda agree with budda, but because of his pic, I'd have to say I don't care much for his opinion.

exactly and this exact fml from the boyfriend who said the wrong name's point of view was posted a while back

emerald dream orc hunter codename: Gladiator Beasty.

number 40, very true you can never trust those asain hookers. especially if there naked before you get there.

FreeRunn3r 12

uh okay that made total sense.

Lol sorry budda. That didn't really make much sense..

how do you know it isn't a guy with the sane name?

FreeRunn3r 12
littlemissdqgirl 8

lol 54 I like your dog:) And op maybe your bf is gay, cuz that's just weird. :/

ther is a naked baby in a tub. he is a hooker, also Asian. uhhhh joke gone down the drain. I fail.

littlemissdqgirl 8

I take it back op, he's not gay. He's bi. But seeing as you both like guys maybe it's a win win?

greymane. warrior and hunter. alliance!!!!!!

breakingakajav 0

can't gate a guy for loving himself, ugly chicks and fat chicks do it...why can't guys?

Yee12 0

This is funny. while moderating I saw one the said "Today, my girlfriend and I were have sex. I got a liitle to into it an moaned my own name."

last time i had sex she was so dry I might as well have been using my hand...she mustve sucked hardcore which caused him to think about how he was gonna have to finish it off by himself later..dry ****** no bueno!

this isn't really an FML... he just got lost in the moment haha

Giorgio272 2

bitch you think your the boss bitch. there ain't no refunds. this ain't no cash game.

For the alliance!! Were the ones getting the worgens when you get the wimpy goblins hahaha epic FAIL! (Although I do play on Horde sometimes just because I like being them on PvP xD Although all the little kiddies on there are changing to Horde now adays because they think there cool, which is perfect because soon we will have more mature players on the alliance)

alliance sucks at bgs tho I wish we won more :(

Well maybe he has a really sexy name!!!! ALEJANDRO!!!!!

mikeyboi19 5

i'd moan out Alejandro too if it was my name heh

Or he enjoys spanking his monkey more than sex with you .

bjm94 0

ha I agree that'd b way worse.

hmm sounds like he's been going solo so long he's not used to an actual real person being involved lol

Caruso imma let you finish but kanye was givin some of the best dick ever

Even if i was a lesbo and had a girlfriend with the same name as me, i wouldnt yell out my own name during sex no matter how into it i got cause thats just weird lmao.

maybe op has the sme name as her bf ya kno Taylor and taylor...haha

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

if it's a gender neutral name he could be cheating. happened on scrubs.

111- you should go back to the trippy picture. its sooo awesome it looks like your head is floating btw this fml is awesome. he must spend a lot of time with "jill"

WilliamRTW 0

I have alliance ... add me? huntererer lol

LMFAO that made me laugh for 5 minutes :)

xlossofmex 0

And alliance is for the tweens, For the Horde!!!

jaded_pragmatist 0

spicyboots, ysera, horde... is there anywhere where the ally win wintergrasp?

33- how do you know he was the one doing the work? were you there watching? :)

87- um maybe she was so dry because you didn't turn her on? it's possible.

YDI for having a wierd boyfriend. And ALL OF YOU: YDI for playing World of Warcraft. Get a life. You would all probably BEG for a partner who moaned out their own name, you're so desparate.

He once had an awkward moment just to see what it was like... He is the most interesting man in the world... He is so good in bed that he calls out his own name... " I don't always drink beer but when I do I prefer dos equis."

jaded_pragmatist 0
tom2516 0

Cookie21 you are really pretty

stop writing about you're lame ass sex life's lmao

Hi_Itz_Me 0

haha, WoW referance ftw, Horde. along with the seal.

Hi_Itz_Me 0

For the Horde!!!!!!!! alliance sux at pvp.

DeadxManxWalking 27

because you wouldn't moan it so he had to do it himself

yeah...but "hows them yankees" is just a diversion tactic to keep from letting the doves fly. "Is it in" is technical difficulties. like technically being too small to be sensed in the va-jay-jay

well in the throes of passion you get confuzzled sometimes. unless he has a gay bf on the side with the same name as him.

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deeds184 0

what's that black thing in 16's picture?

protonosd 0

he must be imagening having sex with himself :))))

uhohuscrewedup 0

haha I am soooo gonna do that the next time

wezywei 0

self centered much? lol maybe he was giving himself a pat on the back

Lone_Wolf_099 5

to used to giving himself a "hand" when hes alone?