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  buddybudda  |  0

he is trying to mix it up. I bet your so boring he is trying to thing of some thing to do, and since he is the one doing the work. He is giving himself credit. ydi for being boring

  Yee12  |  0

This is funny. while moderating I saw one the said "Today, my girlfriend and I were have sex. I got a liitle to into it an moaned my own name."


last time i had sex she was so dry I might as well have been using my hand...she mustve sucked hardcore which caused him to think about how he was gonna have to finish it off by himself later..dry vagina no bueno!

  purgarus  |  6

For the alliance!! Were the ones getting the worgens when you get the wimpy goblins hahaha epic FAIL! (Although I do play on Horde sometimes just because I like being them on PvP xD Although all the little kiddies on there are changing to Horde now adays because they think there cool, which is perfect because soon we will have more mature players on the alliance)

  adriana012  |  0

Even if i was a lesbo and had a girlfriend with the same name as me, i wouldnt yell out my own name during sex no matter how into it i got cause thats just weird lmao.

  acccccccc  |  1

111- you should go back to the trippy picture. its sooo awesome it looks like your head is floating

btw this fml is awesome. he must spend a lot of time with "jill"

  ZeroMan42  |  0

YDI for having a wierd boyfriend.

And ALL OF YOU: YDI for playing World of Warcraft. Get a life. You would all probably BEG for a partner who moaned out their own name, you're so desparate.


He once had an awkward moment just to see what it was like...
He is the most interesting man in the world...
He is so good in bed that he calls out his own name...
" I don't always drink beer but when I do I prefer dos equis."

  madaoxsan  |  9

yeah...but "hows them yankees" is just a diversion tactic to keep from letting the doves fly. "Is it in" is technical difficulties. like technically being too small to be sensed in the va-jay-jay