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Today, while living in Florida, I had a conversation with my mother explaining that it might be best for me to come back home. Her response, "Don't worry, they have plenty of homeless shelters down there if you need a place to stay." Thanks Mom. FML
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Please don't bring the innocent pillow sham into this.

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I feel like she is trying to tell you something OP, and she isn't being very subtle.


Don't think about it to much. Deep down she loves you.

Hard to take you seriously with that profile picture...

Why should a child have to know that a parent loves her only deep down? Shouldn't parents just show it?

aussieaccents 7

I'm sure there's a nice little room under some stairs that OP could live in (:

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The best thing a parent can do isn't always the nicest. OP's mother just doesn't want to be a crutch. I would never even think of going back to my parents' house. That is all part of growing up

29. Yes but OP mother obviously isn't showing it, so OP just needs to know.

Wow, she has no idea what it means to be homeless. If she did and she cares about the OP she wouldn't even suggest it. Once you become homeless good luck finding any work. Who the hell is going to hire a homeless person when they've got waiting lists for employment at fast food restaurants.

I agree with 58, once your out on you're own thats it. Unless something truly horrible happens, there is never a reason to move back in with mom and dad. Its called being a parent not a crutch. Kids need to stand on their own two feet and some of them won't if they know that don't have to. Sorry OP but YDI, time to grow up kid. besides you can't just invite yourself back into their home, they have to offer, thats rude you know

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I feel like she is trying to tell you something OP, and she isn't being very subtle.

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Parents are just so supportive aren't they? Sometimes parents can be assholes.

Erhmahgerd asshole parents no one supports me society is ******!!1!

hotPinklipstick 24

45- Umm, ok? Lol. Not quite sure what you were going for there, but congrats. Want a cookie?

That sucks. I hate when parents make cold comments and think nothing of it.

Maybe she was joking. Couldnt imagine a mother doing that.

I don't get it either. It all depends on the relationship between mother and child. My mother could have said the same but I would just laugh it off because I know she's joking. Sometimes even parents are allowed to joke.

Aww it's ok OP, I'm sure there are some nice people at the homeless shelters; if you have to result to that but hopefully not. But on the other hand you can make new friends!

That's very kind of her! You should bring a cake with you for your mom.

I think you misread nothing nice about telling your kid to go stay in a homeless shelter

Whoosh! Did you feel that go over your head?!

Sounds like she is pretty darn supportive of you OP.

When the time comes for her to be choosing a nursing home, I would be putting the local homeless shelters at the top of the list... Hope everything works out alright for you, and that you have other family more willing to help you out!

Hey those are too good for her I recommend a cardboard box.