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By Anonymous - 14/09/2013 19:32 - Iceland - Reykjav

Today, I went to the movies with my husband and our 6-year-old son. My husband kept stealing popcorn from the guy next to him, to the point where the guy punched him in the face. The movie was stopped, the police were called, and my son is now inconsolable. FML
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No, I'm not. My phone is always on vibrate and it is stowed away during any movie. Don't make assumptions about me, you twit.

michaelaranda 28

I can kind of understand why OPs husband got punched in the face.

Wtf is wrong with her husband!? Not only is movie popcorn expensive, but who wants some strangers nasty hands touching all over their food!? Gross! I would have made a scene too.

OMG I'm glad I read the comments, I thought the 6 year old got punched for stealing popcorn. Lol but your husband tho

I get twitchy when my husband dips into my snacks without asking, never mind a complete stranger! While I (probably) wouldn't resort to violence, the temptation to crack him one would be very strong.

Does that justify the father's stealing popcorns, or the other guy's punching the father in the face? :p

Seems like OPs husband was the one acting like a 6 year old

And your son is now scarred for life.

I wonder why the guy just didn't change seats. Was it too crowded?

The_9th_Doctor 18

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Yeah, but he didn't have to punch him either. Not saying that what OP's husband did is right, but would you risk going to jail for assault over changing seats?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I would crack a ****** for taking my movie popcorn too. Your manhoods at stake. Some guy eating all your hard earned popcorn, and you let him get away with it? Hell no, you put a dent in his popcorn stealing mouth. But.. I would have also karate kicked him in the gut and ran out of the theater so I did't get arrested.. Gotta think fast if you're going to punch a guy!

jojimugo 20

I don't know #40, the punch was warranted here , why the **** should I change my sit cause some crazy ass mofo wants to eat my expensive popcorn

Lol, then you lose even more money from the movie ticket. That logic.

YeahYeahYeahOK 6

Expensive or even free... Dont matter. Keep youre hands out of my popcorn or you might get youre fingers broke.

jw90 18

I don't blame the guy. I'm also stingy when it comes to popcorn.

hcollins1 18

If he really wanted it, get a big purse and sneak some in from home.

It's not the same as movie theater popcorn

Any popcorn tastes better than a punch in the face!

Or you know, just buy some at the theaters?

hcollins1 18

I agree it's not the same, I love movie theatre popcorn. But I'd rather bring my own if I didn't have enough money for it, or just don't want to waste money on it depending on which theatre I go to. The one in the next town over has free refills on popcorn and drinks!

hcollins1 18

80, you obviously missed the point. OP's husband stole popcorn from the individual next to him because theatre popcorn is too expensive which resulted him getting punched. This is why I made the comment, if he really wanted popcorn and did NOT want to spend that much money on it to bring some from home. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on popcorn. Understand now?

UnluckyGenius 21

I wonder if your husband and the guy had a little slap fight for the popcorn before the punch.

Little4Bear 10

That's extremely rude of him. I hope he learned a lesson from this.

I hope your son is ok now. Not a good thing for him to see.

YeahYeahYeahOK 6

I disagree. The son learns boundries through this. Something that isnt taught much these days. School teaches you to not fight back or fight for what is yours. We are breeding a generation of sheeple that will do what they are told withought conflict. Sometimes conflict is necessary to establish boundries.

Little4Bear 10

Um, I think this comment went right over your head 75. I'm pretty sure Emma meant bad for the son to see the way his father got what he deserved because of his rude actions.

Little4Bear 10

Um, I think this comment went right over your head 75. I'm pretty sure Emma meant bad for the son to see the way his father got what he deserved because of his rude actions.

DFresh503 8

Wow. What a dick move. Who steals popcorn from a stranger? Haha he got his swift justice!

olpally 32

**** your life for having a stupid husband who does that. That's just ridiculous.

Well hopefully that punch in the face knocked some of the stupid out of him!