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Today, at the airport, my mom began talking about how useless the war in Iraq was, and how dumb the soldiers that serve there were for enlisting during the war. The soldier at the vending machine near us caught my eye. I mouthed, "Sorry" and he mouthed, slowly, "You fuckin' better be." FML
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We should ship your mother over to Iraq. God bless our soldiers.

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That's awful. I give soldiers hugs and tell them thank you. Your mom needs to learn a little respect.


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Yeah awkward sentence really that one was to read.

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Wow, grammar nazi, so what if he wrote us's instead of us'? You got the gist of it didn't you? Stop being an anal archie. OP, I feel bad that your mom is ignorant to the courage of an American soldier, but at the same time, the soldier didn't need to respond that way. You said sorry he shouldn't have taken it out on you.

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Actually the soldier had every right to say that because there fighting for something that isn't there fault.

Hahaha, anal archie. I'm gonna have to use that one.

yeah you're mom's pretty messed up. the war is definitely stupid but the soldiers are brave. they deserve our respect. like the bumper sticker "i support the troops but not the war"

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the "bravery of an american soldier"? more like the "stupidity of an american soldier". And who says all of them are brave? some of them aren't in the slightest.

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he didnt have to choose to fight; thats his own fault. he deserves it for thinking violence solves issues.

But that doesn't mean that none of them are. Sure, some of them are probably ignorant inbred pissants who worship the ground Gee Dub walked on and would gladly bear his demon-spawn children, but if you decided not to respect any of the soldiers based on this minority, you'd be almost as ignorant as they. I don't agree with the war at all, but in no way would I take that out on the soldiers.


@166 - Soldiers don't choose what they get to do. When you're a member of the military, you're told what to do. There are soldiers who don't support the war but do it because that's what their orders call them to do. I'm in the Army and my job keeps me out of the real war. I didn't join because I think violence solves things, I joined because someone has to fight for this country.

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there are other ways to fight without using a military/violence. i feel bad for you that you thought adding to the war would help. it just makes the war drag on for more years, further propelling this country into debt. so thanks for adding to the debt!

Oh so you'd prefer it if no one was part of the military?! It's people like these soldiers that saved you from being under German or Japanese control (I'm assuming you're American or British...even European). They don't deserve it. Most of them haven't joined up just to kill people. Your username really suits your personality! You ignorant prick!

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look to all you assholes who say that the soldiers in iraq are 'stupid', if you arent willing to stand behind our troops, you are more than welcome to stand in FRONT of them!

people should notice how REPEATEDLY this website says, "please be respectful." OP, i'm very sorry, that soldier shouldn't have said that. but also, you must understand from his point of view how many people are saying how stupid they are. read the comments from your post. and i hate the person that called you an idiot, it's not your fault whatsoever that your mom said that. people have the right to their own opinions, but they should think about others first. i had eleven people die on 9/11, and i don't think one person here wouldn't try to fight back for that. imagine if you lost everyone you ever loved in an instant. i believe in peace, and i personally hate violence more than i hate anything else. but when people risk everything i have, i'm not going to stand by and let that happen. maybe you haven't noticed that these are real people, who don't like the fact that we're here, that we're in this situation. we didn't ask for this. no one did. none of the people that day deserved to die. my family and friends DID NOT deserve to die that day. and i get personally offended when you say that these soldiers that risk their lives daily for you, and for your family, are stupid, and insult them. they're trying to stop this from repeating again. no one deserves this.

the soldier has every right to say that.... to the person who's being offensive. Which wasn't OP.

..."us's" isn't a word, and neither is "us'". "Ours" would've been the right word. That's not being a grammar nazi, it's legitimately complaining about someone using a non-existent word that makes you have to think about for a second in order to figure out what the person is trying to say. Just because it's the internet doesn't mean people shouldn't attempt to use real words.

Are you people retarded? "The soldier at the vending machine near ours eyes met mine"? How the hell is that more correct? No, the correct way to put it would have been to rearrange the sentence: "Standing at the vending machine near us, the soldier's eyes met mine", perhaps, or "The soldier, who was standing at the vending machine near us, met eyes with me". No, us's isn't a word, but 'ours' in that sentence makes absolutely no sense. Before you criticize someone for having poor English, check your own.

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Actually "ours" wouldn't have worked either. "The soldier at the vending machine near ours"? OP should've just said "The eyes of the soldier at a nearby vending machine...".

"Just because it's the internet doesn't mean people shouldn't attempt to use real words." The internet's 11-15 year olds would like to have a word with you.

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Ya cause asking them nicley to please stop hurting our country and offering them tea and cookies is a great way to defend ourself! no offense O.P. your mom is a dumb bitch get that straight now before someone hurts her. seriously people like u vbhfjdwbhkjl BLAH! u suck have a nice day :)

You wouldn't need to "fight for your country" if your country didn't cause all the shit in the first place.

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clearly,you arent understanding what im saying. im not saying that only america should not use violence. NO COUNTRIES should have a military system. The pain and problems that stem from war are far worse than what the little issues start as. Its like little kids throwing rocks at each other to solve something- a parent steps in and tells the children to talk it out. world leaders need to do the same.

9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq.... but im sorry for your loss... what happened that day was truely awful and so is what happens in other countries on a daily basis... so sad ..the soldiers should not be blamed for their governments greed

well, u could just quit the army if u dont want to go to war...

There's a difference between there, they're and their.

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Actually, saying, "Standing at the vending machine near us, the soldier's eyes met mine," would mean that the soldier's eyes were standing near the vending machine. I usually don't give a shit about grammar, but you'd have to admit that you're not right either.

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lol " us' " is also incorrect. Try OUR

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So, how do you plan to implement this little idea of yours, failsatlife? Should America just dissolve its army, and wait for every other country to do the same? Do you think there might be some kind of flaw in that plan? And before you respond with "You don't understand...", please keep in mind that you've been blaming the individual soldiers. You're putting blame on THEM. War is a necessary evil, so like it or not, the SOLDIERS are the reason you can sit around and trash-talk them without getting gunned down in the street like a dog. I hope, in time, you'll realize what a fool you've been.

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they all need to be dissolved at once. there is absolutely no need for soliders in any army, or for violence at all. it causes greater problems than any amount of good it does.

While I understand your point, you need to remember that saying they " don't support the war but do it because that's what their orders call them to do." is a line of reasoning that is still used today as a defense for Nazi war crimes. They didn't want to do it, they didn't agree with it, they were just following orders. Being ordered to do something which violates your principles does not have to come with assumptive clauses, and is not an automatic get out of jail free card. I almost joined the military when I was in high school for financial and educational reasons (as a lot of kids that age are wont to do), but decided against it because I knew on the off chance a war were to actually break out (this was long before Iraq), I would never go, because killing for any reason is wholly against what I believe. Of course that does not mean there are not people who will join anyway, however the decision to do so does not mean they MUST still actually serve in the war if they truly are against the idea. There *were* soldiers who refused to fight in Iraq, and I simply cannot agree with the concept of puppet soldiers who will do whatever they are ordered to do, regardless of what it is or if they believe it justified.

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Well, "you are the company you keep". Maybe the soldier thought that since their mother was like that, he was too. Assumptions are wrong, but everyone does it now and again. Also, to the people who say whoever is fighting in the war is stupid, if you don't stand behind the soldiers in support, feel free to stand in front of them. They are fighting for this country, preserving freedom, and making sure we don't have to worry about a terrorist attack while we're asleep. I don't care if you think the war is stupid, soldiers fight for their beliefs and no one has the right to call them stupid. OP: I'm sorry that happened to you because your mom was a little /too/ outspoken. He didn't have enough evidence to show you're like her, but hey. Assumptions happen.

the soldier, near the vending machine near our, eye's met mine? maybe that's what he meant??? maybe i think so. seriously delete this post people get to self righteous on here

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@310 - You clearly have had a sheltered life. War is hell but it is one that is vital to the progression of mankind. War originates from conflicts - be they political, social, or even based on resources (food, water, trade, etc.) - and cannot be resolved from simple discussions. I'd say that the failure of the League of Nations and the ineffectiveness of the modern U.N. are perfects examples of that. And besides, look at the positives that have come from war - democracy, the end of the Holocaust, the spread of ideas that only occurs when two distant societies converge in time of war. Point is, talk is cheap and is, at best, only a stalling tactic when there is sufficient reason to go to war.

Actually war can boost an economy. It creates more jobs and provides revenue for the country that makes all the weaponry to be sold to the other countries. Have you never heard of war profiteering? Sadly, since the entire planet is having financial issues, the only war that would boost the world economy is a world war and nobody wants that. The country isn't in debt because of war. It's because the world is in debt with itself due to private international bankers having a pissing contest. Ah the follies of capitalism.

I'm pretty sure "us" is a word, but okay...

It's that persons choice to be in the army, no one is forcing them. So regardless if they're fighting a war that isn't their fault, saying, "you ******* better be" is not okay.

Lol 210, we dont need a war to increase debt, thats why we have Obama

Agreed that the mother was rude beyond measure; but, the soldier should have kept his/her head held high and said nothing. Instead, both mother and soldier demonstrated their immaturity.

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it does solve issues retard

even if it was possible for all armies to be dissolved, there would still be terrorists.

He might have had some friends that were killed. I'm not justifying it, but if someone called my dead friends stupid, I'd be pretty angry too.

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You're a **** knocker. Don't ever call a soldier stupid for following orders. The soldiers don't choose to go to war, the president and congress do. If you wanna be mad at someone about the war, be mad at them, not at someone who's just doing their job.

On the contrary, he had NO right to say it. The posters mother was merely expressing her opinion. now, he IS fighting for something that's not his fault, however, it IS his fault that he's fighting had he not joined the army, he'd not be in that position.

I'm sorry but your mom is an idiot. My father has been in the service since the day he graduated high school! i am personally offened by what your mother said. Every single soilder over seas is fighting for our country, for her. She should respect them. You dont have to agree with the war but never disrespect our men and women in the armed services. Your mother needs to open her friggin eyes.

67 - Oh my... It's not hard to grasp the concept of there/their/they're is it?

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wow. all of you that are giving the soldiers shit are selfless bitches. really? no, violence is not the answer, but it's what we're into thanks to previous presidents and threatening acts towards this entire country. they have chosen to do this so hopefully, the future will be for bright and promising than things are now. you should probably realize that they are only trying to make things better for scumbag like you.

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Yea ok 594, how would you like it to be told that your profession is useless and are and idiot for choosing that position? Now how exactly would that make you feel?

#1, it's a clause, so the OP actually typed it correctly. The 's refers to the soldier, it just looks awkward because of the clause describing the soldier that comes between the noun and the noun's possessive. OP: Your Mom has a point about how useless the war is but it's not cool to make fun of soldiers who bravely stick their necks on the line for something they believe in, no matter how useless we may believe it is. It was nice of you to mouth 'sorry' at least.

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you can't just stop being in the sign a contract...

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@548 - One date: 9/11. As far as I know, we were minding our own business. And the term 'war' can be used to describe several forms of combat, not just all out fighting. Guerrilla warfare, for example. If the fighting stopped over in Iraq I'm not sure what would happen, I'm not a military expert. But I will say that terrorism can be considered a type of war, and that is a possible outcome. I doubt it will happen, considering the increased security after the Twin Towers incident, but its possible. Also, if I remember right, in this particular case the Al Qaeda attacked us because they were outraged by what they considered the "suppression of Muslims in the US". This war was started because THEY were being nosy, not the US. Granted, this is one of the few cases that this has been true, but I personally feel that the other wars are irrelevant in this discussion. I don't think that this reasoning justifies the war in any way, and our nosiness HAS escalated the war, but it was not the reason the Al Qaeda attacked us, as you stated. We were responding to a completely unprovoked attack at first, and the world originally supported us in doing so. It was when we started messing with Iraqi politics and claiming that weapons of mass destruction were involved that the support started to dwindle. I don't mean to insult you, and I agree with some of what you are saying, but you should really research the facts before you start arguing your side of things and calling someone else ignorant, stupid, or insane. It only makes you look bad, and it makes others who share your opinions seem invalid in their arguments because you will probably be clumped together with them by people who have an opposing opinion.

This seems to be where that thread of replies left off. To the person whom i am replying to, thats a sad story and i offer my condolenses. To the people who are saying bad things about the military, you really need to step in line here. Take a moment and look at what your saying. What do you do everyday that you couldn't do if you did not have freedom. Those soldiers out there fight for what they want to believe in, every person has different reasons. wether it be that they have family back home, family tradition, friends in the military that have died in service, or whatever. most don't fight because they think its fun. they fight because they believe that its there duty in order to help protect the ones they love. As well, just because people can be diplomatic and talk there ways out of things, does not mean that everyone can do that. some people think that war is the only answer, that terrorism is the only way to prove there point. some people (from what i have heard) have been brought up with the view that violence is how it should be. for example, child soldiers in africa fighting the wars, they grow up in that environment and they eventually adopt those beliefs, because its the only thing they know. when that person grows up they spread the word and it grows as such. There are 6 billion + people living in the world today, and it is impossible that every last one of them could have the same beliefs as you or i. our men and women in the military are the only reason that you or i can live the happy carefree life we currently live. they do that by preventing those military powers that have different views then ours from coming across our borders (i am canadian and i refer to the canadian and american borders) and changing that. Just something to think about.

apparently i don't know how to work fml. the person i was offering condolenses to was # 247. thats also where i thought my first post would be, just after her

there doing more than you are lets see how brave you are if you get shot at

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Yeah, of course you do. Too bad you're probably 14 in reality and just like to feel like the big man online. Especially after the school bullies kicked your ass again.

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So somehow our opinions are gay? That makes sooooo much sense. Oh, and glad to see you're also not homophobic, but not sexist, too! Thanks for being suuuch a help. And because you are obviously pretty ignorant, and also probably 14, as the person above me said, just to clarify: that was sarcasm.

125 I hope you're diembowled and left to rot on a mother ******* pole. troops deserve our respect. I hope you never marry and go to hell. choke on a **** and **** off bitch.

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near us's should be near ours, I mean seriously, wtf ?

and your ignorant for thinking that every militairy is american just sayin

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some soldiers join because they don't have money and can't find a job so all u ******* ignorant ppl better stfu they might have families to feed

Has everyone forgotten? They way you felt the day the towers fell, a deliberate cowardly attack on our soil. In the military or not everyone wanted a piece of the bastards that did that to us. But only the soldiers are the ones with enough guts to stand up for what they believe in. Has the war stopped any future attacks? No one knows, but whats for damn sure is our enemies know for sure is that we wont put up with their shit. America stands safe for one reason, The soldiers. No politician will stand behind a flag through hell and back. 1% of the American population that's in the armed forces. If that is not a good judge of character I don't know what is.

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yeah, because iraq had so much to do with that. and because going over there killing innocent people will sure as hell stop their hate on america and therefore prevent future attacks.

Like a soldier chooses where they are going. At least they still have the courage to go. Whether they agree with it or not. Any enemy of America is their enemy. The most courageous thing most of you people have ever done is write a useless stupid comment pointing the blame at the wrong people. Just keep sitting behind the computer where its safe you cowards. Let the real Americans take care of the problems. And any one else that is from a foreign country that comments on our soldiers your not even worth my time responding to. So shut up and remember the US will be there when you cry for help.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

Wonderful excuse. "he was told to go there". So they have neither the brains to think for themselves nor the balls to resist an order conflicting with their morals. Big ******* heroes.

Who's morals are we talking about? Yours or theirs? We knew the possibility of being sent over when we sign up, and still do it anyways. So don't put your cowardly morals in place of ones that are heroes. With a commitment and an oath to protect these borders both foreign and domestic something you wouldn't know anything about. You don't have to agree with the war. Feel free to leave and stand in front of them.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

"Like a soldier chooses where they are going" - the morals who would keep them from going if they had "a choice". And stand in front of them? Why the **** would I do that? "If you don't stand behind murderers, feel free to stand in front of them" or "if you don't stand behind illegal immigrants, feel free to stand in front of them" make both about as much sense. That's right, none at all. By the way, I'm a soldier too. I still wouldn't go to a war which I couldn't support.

excuse me! stupidity! Christ if they didn't die to save your sorry ass we'd be communist like china or north Korea! I thank God everyday that men are BRAVE enough to RISK their lives for our country! get some common sense!

AMEN! u don't like war? neither do i but sometimes it has to be done! you don't like what Americans are doing here? u don't have to stay in America, get the hell out

I like you! that was a great way to say it! if asked to talk about things after 9/11 we all would be dead terrorist threts wouldn't just b threts they would happen!

I TOTALLY agree with you! how would you all like to live in fear EVERYDAY because the military didn't take action! the terrorist threats wouldn't be threats, they'd be actions! and al queda would be on our front door steps! THANK GOD FOR THE USAS KICK ASS MILITARY!!

he was also exspressing his opinion In a way!

the ops mom needs to know the facts before she shoots her mouth off! my grandfather was in the USMC an I'm personally offended also, though I believe in free speech, people need to control what they say! keep tithe saying ' if youndont have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut!'

amen to you I agree with every word you said! my grand mother lost her cousin in 9/11 and everyday I think about what would have happened if we had not gone to war and usually the results I think of are much worse than now.


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magnis, what the **** is wrong with you? If you tried to make it look like multiple people commenting, you maybe should have cut down with the amen. Also, you're spewing shit. There are plenty of countries that don't go to war once or twice a decade and guess what? they're neither communistic nor destroyed nor under terrorist attack. It's amazing how hard to grasp the concept of peace is for americans. Maybe you should have a war once at your own border instead of always at a faraway place - experiencing the war you always cause firsthand.

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OP your Grammar can kill children. YDI.

all of you who say the war is useless and the soilders are idiots without courage...Yoour all dumbasses!

yeah but they got more balls than you do

cheer21moose 13

you are a complete ass for saying that

yes. the BRAVERY of an American soldier who fights when the stupid pussys like u are to coward to do it themselves. go **** yourself.

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i understand your concerns and the way you feel... im not going to lie but before i joined i felt the same way i felt that soldiers just fueled the fire when it came to war but as a member of the united states airforce i just want you to know that we are people to and even though we might not agree with what we are always ordered to do its our job to protect the country. we do as our boss tells us just like civilians do at their everday job. we are people to...we were just that 1 percent willing to put our lives on the line for people we dont know or need to know in order to keep them safe.

The soldier fought because he chose to fight. Plenty of soldiers that didn't believe in invading Iraq chose not to. I served my country and I stand by everything I chose to be a part of. That means I deal with the opinions of people. Not try to shut them up because I disagree.

We should ship your mother over to Iraq. God bless our soldiers.

Agreed There is a BIG difference between supporting the war and supporting our troops. Always support the troops, you don't have to support the war.

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that's kind of a stupid statement. if you don't support a war why would you value the human lives of your nation's soldiers over another. not that i don't feel anything when i see the death rate of a war like the one in iraq, but i don't have a reason to mourn for american lives harder than for iraqi civilians. that's both ignorant and selfish. just my $0.02, it's still dumb to rant about politics in public so FHL indeed.

Where did I say that I value one countries soldiers over anothers? Not only that but if you were actually educated about the war you'd know that we aren't fighting the Iraqi's but the Taliban guerrilla fighters. I never said you should mourn the American Soldiers and not the Iraqi civilians.

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Both of your posts are well stated and I agree 100%.

Ok, by supporting soldiers your supporting the government, who started the war. Thus, you are supporting the war. This is besides the point. Im replying to this because you are an idiot. If you are going to call someone out on being uneducated about something please try and educate yourself first. The Taliban are in Afganistan. Al-Qaida are in Iraq, just saying

#3 — "God bless"? Is that a request? Anyhow, I agree — regardless of how much you might not have support for the war, show respect to the people who serve for the country.

@#152 what the **** are you on about? Support soldiers = supporting the government? Is that a joke? I really hope you're a troll or something. You might aswell say that if you support your troops you are okay with murder. I mean wtf? And the Taliban (and Al-Qaida) are in BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan. Just sayin.

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totally support the soldiers, against the war, but still.... the soldier really didnt need to be so rude the OP.... unless OP was agreeing with his mother, then why should he be threatened.....

#318 In other words... it was a request.

134 I don't give a flaming pile of shit that you don't believe in God, but I do and I would appreciate it if you would keep your comments that are against someone else's religion to yourself. I'm not saying you have to believe in God, but don't say anything about the person who died for us, atleast that's what I believe.

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That's awful. I give soldiers hugs and tell them thank you. Your mom needs to learn a little respect.

Let me guess #4: your news sources are FOX and CNN?

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#24, you don't have to support the war to support the troops, asshole.

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#24, what do news stations have to do with anything? Bottom line is that the soldiers deserve respect from EVERYONE.

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Thats the sweetest thing I've ever heard #4

Baroness542 6

#4, I do that too ;] in fact, I just saw a soldier in the grocery store the other day, and gave her a hug. I especially love it when they look down or upset and you just walk up to them and say "Thank you!" and give them a massive hug. Since they always smile.

so i'm guessing you get your news from nbc and abc? cmon i have classmates form foreign countries and during the last election they knew tons of stuff about obama and barely had any idea who mccain was so that just goes to show you that those channels are biased beyond belief... no news source (republican or democratic) is without bias so instead of eating up every word they feed you gain a solid opinion on your own research.

number 237, was it? look, you don't even deserve to be in the service. you make are country look like a piece of SHIT. it's people like you, who make people not want to support the war. for other people, they do want to fight for others. they want to do this. i'm sorry you only care about yourself, but i hope you get your nads shot off. people like you make me absolutely disgusted. you're sickening.

weedam 0

lol @ 237. no chance youre actually in the military.

Whether he is or not it doesn't matter. If you see a soldier, show them some respect. Because even though we don't want to fight in the war, the soldiers may not want to either but they are still defending our freedom and our way of life. They don't have to do this they choose to and for that all soldiers have my respect and they will continue to have my respect. This is why Pat Tillman is such a hero to me. He turned down all that money to fight for what he believed in: a Free Country.

Yeah it's pretty clear #237 is talking out his ass just to make soldiers look bad. What a pathetic human being.

#35, 68 and whoever else I didn't say I was going around disrespecting them, I think that would be awful. I'm completely neutral in relation to soldiers, I treat them like anyone else. However, they choose to be soldiers. I find it amusing that someone would want to hug them for doing something they volunteered to do, for a cause that a lot of us are admitting we don't agree with. Of course we shouldn't disrespect them, their jobs are very dangerous. But instead of hugging them, I would rather wish for the opportunity to hug the people whose lives I feel they're unnecessarily disrupting. That's all. Way to jump up my ass.

To #309. You can't pretend to be a soldier, bitch about people supporting the real heroes, and then ask to be left alone on a heated topic. That shit just doesn't make sense buddy.

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You give soldiers a bad name. Not everyone is as close-minded as you. Some actually CARE about the citizens and country. Grow some balls.

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237- may I mention that I have 14 member of my family, my father, brothers, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and husband in the armed services, either over seas, or in domestic services. When I see a soldier, I'm going to see one of them, especially my brother. Two of my cousins have died in the line of fire. And may I assure you, when you walk out in that uniform, every military mother will see her son, every sister will see her brother, and every daughter will see her father. Please take the implications of your actions into account. If someone thanks you, say you are welcome. You have no idea who you remind them of. Same goes to all you people badmouthing grateful civilians.

once again, officerpat. look, NO ONE WANTS YOU. we want the soldiers who care. you keep repeating this story of, oh i don't want your sympathy, your thanks. what ******* thanks would anyone in their right mind give you? look at yourself, take a good look at yourself. you live your life not caring about anyone outside of your life, and that's absolutely pathetic. especially for an American Soldier. look at what people are saying about you, what a heartless disgrace you are. soldiers care, my brother is in the marines, and he wants everyone in this country (including those he DOESN'T ******* KNOW) to be safe. i don't give a **** about you, and no one wants to hug you or give you thanks. because your only doing it for yourself. you only think of it as a job, not as a life. you're a pathetic piece of shit, and you're always going to be a pathetic piece of shit. maybe when you grow a pair, you can get back to me. i want to talk to a real man, a real soldier. not some guy with his head so far up his ass that he can't tell which ways up.

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if you were a real soldier you wouldn't be such a dick you would take in those thanks and grace from all of the people because the troops protect us and are our idols and they pretty much do everything for us. God Bless America and **** you soldier i will never thank you only the true soldiers i will thank.

why do you say i suck, and not give a reason? if you look at some of the things i've said, you may agree with me. he doesn't want to protect you. he wants to protect himself and his money. he thinks of it as a job, and he admitted that. that's not what a soldier is, and that's not the kind of person i look up to. that's not who i want to have protect us.

Wow I actually signed up to just to post in this FML cos the comments are the best thing I've ever read on this site. I don't think there's anything wrong with your viewpoint, officerpat. Personally, I'd love it if people came up to me and hugged me (aw i thought that was really sweet :D) and thought I was amazing just for being a soldier, but people are different. However, people honestly think they are helping the soldiers by hugging them and stuff. They're not trying to harass you or anything. And sarahsface, you can't just have noble people who want to defend every single American citizen in the army. Most soldiers are probably huge douchebags, but as long as they're assisting with the current aims of the US military (whatever those are), even the biggest asshole of a soldier is still valuable. Anyway, in response to the OP, that soldier at the vending machine is just a huge ********. He probably got offended when your mum was rude about what he does, but he shouldn't have been so horrible to you. Just ignore him. And finally, I think war is just a huge waste. The only use it could have thesedays is population control, but of course war wastes LOADS of natural resources so there is still huge overpopulation in war zones. I don't support the war, and I don't really support the troops either, mainly because they signed up voluntarily. And anyway, each side believes their cause is correct. So the Taliban-supporters believe that the terrorists are the heroes; and the Westerners believe the US soldiers are the heroes. According to me, there are no heroes in war.

Thanks, but I'm only 15 myself! Sarahsface is just upset that you don't want to accept the honour she wants to bestow on soldiers. A lot of people do revere the whole "dying for your country" thing. I'm a bit confused about why you don't want people thinking you're really noble and honourable, but whatever. And I don't completely agree with you. Being in the army isn't really a typical career that you do to earn money- it's not quite THAT practical. I mean, you are putting your life on the line, so the army must be more to you than just a career, surely? I mean, it's not like it pays amazingly- $50,000 a year wasn't it? That's only £30,000, which is not exactly a lot, at least where I live. So you must have some other kind of motivation for being in the army, whatever it is.

and by the way, officerpat. (: AIN'T, ain't a word. (:

QueenChristy 6

damn calm down your acting like someone would actually do that too you that's a 2 in a million chance that'll happen so be quiet, not like these people would know if it's you regardless if they see you in the streets.

No the soldier needs to learn respect. I served my country so that people could be free to say what they want not so assholes could tell people they can't have an opinion.

Exactly what I was thinking #1. OP, it's called "our".

greenltrn2003 0
Phoenix_GAD 0

no. he was trying to say "the soldier's eyes" but there was that clause in the middle of the sentence that made it awkward. wow. i just saw #7's comment. haha

snowbordnelephnt 0

if you think "us" should be replaced with "our" in that sentence your wrong

I love the way you just used the wrong "you're" while correcting someone's grammar...

mehwhateverr 0

I think it should be 'ours'. As in "near our vending machine"

monkeyz0r 0

well hes risking his life for the country, he has a right to be pissed at people telling him hes stupid haha

Actually OP's grammar is fine; maybe not the most eloquent use of words but since she's describing him as the 'soldier at the vending machine near us', the use of the possessive is right.

Beat me to it. It's an apostrophe of possession and legal in the grammatical sense!

lovelykendra5 0

Aw poor guy :( I wanna give him a hug.

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So you think it would be more American if dissenting or unpopular view points were only voiced in the home? I don't agree with her, she sounds ignorant and desperate to feel superior to somebody, but ignorant people are allowed to have their opinions heard too.

slutsstud 0

I totally agree with ur mom.. :)

oh_dear34 0

Wow. Seriously, #12? You are a complete biatch. You don't deserve to have the soldiers protect you.

Yeah, you need to be pretty stupid to enlist during a war. Especially during an invasion of a far weaker country. They might be brainwashed into thinking that they are defending my freedom, but it was under no threat from any Iraqi. If you're fighting a defensive war, I'll support you (and presumably join you). If you're killing more than a million civilians in my name, then **** you.

tehukiso 0

I don't really agree with #12 but you're really delusional if you think the war in Iraq has made us any safer. They aren't protecting anything by being there.

in a way they are because the taliban is now preoccupied with dealing with the american forces kicking down there doors that they probably aint planning major terrorist attacks like twin towers and they are showing that if u **** with american u will burn

tehukiso 0

Yeah except they blend well with with the general population. If they didn't actively engage us there's not really much hindering them from still planning attacks here. Border control and domestic agencies do a lot more than our international efforts.

gah lets just get this friggen war over with and fire bomb the entire place who cares they just grow dope there anyway it will be good for the rest of the world

oh_dear34 0

#177, when someone enlists in the armed forces, it is selfless and brave thing to do. The soldiers do not sign up with the intention of going off to war, but rather to protect this country in case anything ever does happen. They did not choose to go to Iraq; they went where they were ordered to. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the government, not the courageous men and women who are over there, fuckass.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

If someone enlists and doesn't want to go to war, he's a ******* moron. What did he expect? But it's typical american. All that "Americans are best" and "Our troops deserve respect, even if they go around shooting civilians and reporters" yadda yadda is one of the main reasons the whole world hates america. You are just so full of yourselfes and lack a brain to think. "Support the troops but not the war" was mentioned here various times. Guess what? There would be no war without the troops. Also, the troops are just as responsible for going there killing people. It's not like they had no other joice. Disclaimer: "Americans" above meant the war-mongering idiots that seem to dominate this FML and spring to mind when one thinks about America. I know there are actually some smart people living in the USA. They just do not show up on this FML