By unsatisfying - 28/10/2010 05:05 - Australia

Today, my wife checked the time while we were having sex. Twice. FML
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maybe she was checking to see if you passed the one minute mark yet


pooper19 3

maybe she had snickerdoodles in the oven.

hint hint, it means it's time to finish up

xdeadxradiox 0

With #40s comment, did anyone else of the FMLer, Snickerdoodles, being trapped in an oven? I did! :D

you got a nut didn't you, then this isn't an FML

He should be happy most women dont get the chance to check before the man's done. She got to twice!

Harder, better and stronger. I'm not sure he'll want to be faster. Plus maybe she has OCD like me. I always have to check the time. Literaly always. I'm spend my whole day looking at the clock. I'm looking at it right now. Jk but I do have OCD like that.

I'm sure it was just because it was so much longer than normal. she was amazed.

slayerxx 7

lol that's pretty hilarious not gonna lie

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Find a little technique for pleasing her & not just yourself.

I think a selfish partner is more thoughtless than someone not pretending to enjoy bad sex.

She's just checking to see if you beat your old personal best.

gusgus36 5 must have been super boring for her to be checking the time. or maybe it was a quickie in the morning and she needed to get ready for work or she'd be late, in which case maybe it doesn't say anything about your performance.

DarkHelmet 10

Why are you trying to get OPs hopes up...if she checked twice in that timeframe he was doing horribly dreadful

gusgus36 5

best case scenario? lol yeah unlikely but I guess you never know

Guess you better step up your game a bit !!! Oh and stop being so BORING !!

Don't bore her then. Either she wasn't really up for it but was feeling too nice to turn you down, or you generally don't do it for her. Maybe you should ask which?

Or maybe she had somewhere to be? Late for work maybe? Or perhaps she wanted to go to sleep. Who knows. Either way, if she was enjoying herself, she wouldn't have had to check the time at all.

Yes, maybe she was conscientious of being late. But surely that would come under the heading of being too nice to turn him down but him wanting it?