By Anonymous - 19/10/2010 19:18 - United States

Today, my wife started checking her email on her Blackberry while we were having sex. FML
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Maybe you need to make sex more interesting for her?

airball33 0

Stick it in her ass


who cares about your wife, the important thing is im numero uno on the comment less thing to do before i die..........booooyaa

^ Haha. When I got my first time as a first commented I ticked it off my to do list aswell :P. Probably going to get modded though.

phone addict. Shame...

KingDingALing 9

This is definitely a repeat...>:(

YDI for your wife starting to check her email on her Blackberry while you were having sex.

1800getalife 0

wow she musta not felt a thing...

Maybe you need to make sex more interesting for her?

wolfshadow 4

I believe that most women get bored of sex after 10 minutes if it's the same thing. Change it up or ejaculate faster.

next time she does this, stick it in her ass, that'll get her attention, you nay get slapped but at Least she'll get off her blackberry

anal that bitch

ellielovesyuh 0

10% of people use their phones somehow while having sex.

nicobington 1

how do u know this

airball33 0

Stick it in her ass

cradle6 13

Also agreed

wwerulez14 6

Wife- "Honey, what the HELL do you think you're doing? OP- "Either put the phone down, or it stays in your ass..."

sweetcheeksjvl 0

That would be painful but it'd make her stop checking her blackberry.

/end FML commenting after this post.

_LoVe_CaThErInE_ 0

agreed!! [:

... With what?

jjames7543 13

I think she tried replying to #4's comment :P

I bet it's cuz she has another "appointment" with your mailman later

Maybe you should talk to her about what you need to do to stop her getting bored? It was probably her way of hinting, maybe you should take that up.

If that's a "hint," I'd hate to see what she does when she tells him outright.

Well, there is that. It was probably just her way of not having to bring the subject up herself. Which is a little silly, unless it was the first time she hadn't enjoyed herself, but then it seems a little extreme...

or she's just a bitch

She'll take out her magnifying glass first, that's how...

RedPillSucks 31

or read the paper, check the stock quotes. When she starts making dinner, you probably need to try a fresh new move.

zp5 4

status: having a terrible time. daaaamn!

Xavi89 0

you needed to donkey punch her.

pwincessa23 1

13, that's aweful

so is your spelling

Almost as much as your failure to actually say anything.

Jerzyginger74 0

*Snaps* No it isn't! It's not even remotely funny! Stop saying, "WIN," all the time; there's a thumbs-up button for this very reason!

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Like ^

... And yet you just did exactly the same thing, 20.

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No thumbs up on iPhone app. :(

There is noe