By Anonymous - 09/06/2013 05:01 - United States

Today, my wife decided to check her email, while I was still inside her. FML
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I got bad news about your sex game...

she was actually writing an FML of her own


I got bad news about your sex game...

at least she still has sex with you. most wouldnt be so considerate.

12, sounds like a personal problem for you.

12, want to join my support group? We measure every other week to see if any of us made progress with out 7 step program.

OP is just swimming' at this point.

#32, 7 step program or 7 inch program?

7 steps to 7 inches.

Doesn't matter had sex.....

Thats abit disrespectful

Noooo. He just sucks at sex....

It doesn't matter whether he's bad at it or not, that's still something you just don't do.

Perhaps next time give her mom a call, and see how she likes it.

She may have been searching for Male Enhancement advertisements.

Proven facts that his penis can grow up to three inches in six weeks. John Homes personally sent me the email this morning.

John Holmes* was quite the spokesman.

Takes special delivery and important messages to another level...

she was actually writing an FML of her own

Today, I had sex with my husband. It was so exciting that I painted my nails, made a sandwich and wrote this FML. All while he was inside of me. FML

She must be great at multitasking.

but in all seriousness I would look into getting a LITTLE "assistance " Fyl

Maybe you weren't delivering so she thought her mail would instead.

Sounds like you should step your game up..... Maybe next time try the clit and get her into it

Like dad says, 'it's all in the clit' ;)

Remember it's all about the clit.

Your mans dad taught him right, I see... Congrats on the new baby!

Thank ya ma'am. She's a little over 6 months now.