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Dont they just push open?

projectile shit at the door and knock it down.


Dont they just push open?

OP must have been in a fancy one.

Seriously look at all of these shitty comments they're all the same (no pun intended)

Where is it so I can tip it over?

Tape up the holes so there's no ventalation

What a shitty situ-.. Just kidding that's not funny..

Wow...just found another good reason to not use a port-a-potty

Thanks 51, for pointing out what has already been stated about 34 times.

kick the door pussy

Who else it getting fed up with the adds on the fml app? -______-

Only If you were in jack ass LOL

lo que es una situación de mierda. Maybe the new way will make it....nevermind I'm so sorry:(

132_ you sir, win

Uhoh! Ur ine trouble!

That's a shitty situation.

You're not funny.

Wow 6 poop puns in a row. I want to bang your heads on an oven.

Apparently an absurb amount of thumbs down doesn't keep people from resisting a joke that has been more overused than kim kardashians pussy

^Is there such thing?!?!?

...absurb isn't a word. It's absurd. :/

That's pretty crappy bud.

Damn some did it first.

No one would give two shits either way bud

132, did you just say "that's a shitty situation" in Spanish? If so, well played sir.

Shitty situation...(Someone had to start it!)

Yeah, the second comment

Yeah, #2 did.

hey 2 already said that.

Thanks for pointing that out.

just thought i would point that out.

#2 already said it! (someone had to be the first to let you know)

67- Yeah, #8 did.

I like turtles...

sounds like a shitty situation

Nope not funny

You have just been... pottyfied!

Yeah I realized that as soon as it was posted.

You have just... completely failed! but the repenting is respected.

I'm sorry, but nobody here cares about your opinion

I agree with 122 just because you said that 115.

I agree with 122 just because you said that 115.

Haaah, that stinks.

Literally. Heheheh.

Sir, what you did there. I sea it.

Shoo, grammar nazi.

"Killin' Nazis"

The room you're in isn't a porta-potty it's actually a room equipped with a tank of poisonous gas, waiting to go off. You will also see a box of laxatives to your left. The key to your escape was hidden in your lunch. You have 60 seconds. Let the game begin.

That's why I hold my shits in


Be nice to your colon, man.

Skittlepickle, your profile didn't make me smile. At all. Not even a tiny bit. Just saying.

I smiled at skittlepickles photo....

Nice to know shitpants


Hope no one tips it over..

wait, what was OP doing inside the handle?

projectile shit at the door and knock it down.

That's some funny shit,dude!! I LOL'D!!

Sir, take your things and leave this thread

83 was that pun intended? Cause if it was I'LL KILL YOU! ...