By moronforadad - 05/01/2013 02:04 - United Kingdom - Carshalton

Today, during dinner, my mum asked why I've been so upset recently, so I just admitted it was because my girlfriend had cheated on me. At some point during my venting, I asked why this stuff always seems to happen to me. My dad looked up from his plate and said, "Probably karma." FML
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dirton89 7

He could have been a little more supportive. Unless, of course, the dad knows more to what is going on in this situation.

jgriff79 23

Karma is a bitch!


wakaaflocka 8


So how many have cheated on you OP?

Well two, his left hand and his right hand.

How would his hands cheat on him? Did they pleasure another man or something?

Alien hand syndrome. I keep warning people about this.

That or they pleasures a woman( still cheating)

jgriff79 23

Karma is a bitch!

Karalela44 15

So is OP's dad

So is OP's girlfriend.

tsent8 15

So am I

So are female dogs.

Karma's only a bitch if you are.

Guys maybe if we stopped calling karma a bitch it would be nicer to us!

Fuck karm... *gets punched in the face*

so you say karma is a bitch

I do believe Karma is going to do her job well and show her face to OPs dad and girlfriend. But they deserve it.

What comes around goes around....

tsent8 15

No his girlfriend cheated remember? He won't be Cumming for a while.

21 Op could always use lefty or righty...

And comes all the way back around

An example of this being the girlfriend. She seems to get around.

Your dad is the one karma should be going after

Your picture will haunt my sleep.

At least I don't have a doe staring at me...zombies are awesome

How can you like Harry Potter without liking does??

Llama_Face89 33

It's a fawn.

Touche, but the do was only in books 3 and 7

Damn, your dad probably got some dirt on you ha ha

Perhaps he is mad that Op put child locks on his computer. Now they both have to be single.

#7 dont you mean karma

dirton89 7

He could have been a little more supportive. Unless, of course, the dad knows more to what is going on in this situation.

dperrier9 3

Your dad is a legend!

Zano23 9

Is your girlfriend's name Karma by any chance?

If it was karma you would have done something just as bad

actually, half as bad.

Made many bad decisions in your previous lives?

You mean life?? He's not a cat....

No, I mean lives. Karma is a concept that you can find in the Hindu and the Buddhism religions. I'm not sure about the Buddhists but the Hindus believe in reencarnation making you have various lives. You then have "good" or "bad" karma depending on how you lived in the past (making good or bad deeds, for example).

ooooh okay gotcha