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Today, my wife sent me a Google Calendar reminder for "sex". FML
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YDI for making her reach the point where she has to schedule herself into your calender and send you reminders.

Be happy your actually having sex OP, Some of us aren't as lucky.


YDI for making her reach the point where she has to schedule herself into your calender and send you reminders.

Unless it's the other way round and she schedules when they'll have sex and just sends him reminders about it. Either way, you both need to sort out your sex life.

People with jobs and a real life can't always have a spontaneous sex life. OP should be happy she still wants to have an active sex life.

You've obviously never been scammed into marriage. 9 times out of 10 it's the wife that turns frigid and kills the sex life. After marriage the only screwing that you'll get is in the wallet or in the soul. PS. Marriages are a lot like tattoos: They might look good at first, but they're expensive as hell to remove and still leaves a scar.

You are obviously very bitter about a bad marriage #32, but I have known my fair share of couples, married and common law, and I can assure you're statistics are incorrect. Most of them are very happy and have active sex lives. Don't drag down all women because you had a bad one, it really pisses off the women who don't deserve it (which in my circles is probably 75% of them) I know some stereotypical wives, but most of them that I know are wonderful. So don't bring your shit here as if it is like that for every other poor man out there. Who knows, maybe you were a shitty husband and just couldn't see it through your own arrogance.

They could be trying to have a baby and she's ovulating. No working overtime today!

If this FML had been about a woman receiving a reminder for sex from her husband, everyone would talk about what a pig he was. Even in a marriage, no one's entitled to have sex from the other.

What makes you think it's a point that's been reached? Could be she was just being flirtatious or quirky. Maybe she was bored and the calendar was just there. Or maybe she bought some new lingerie and had something planned. I don't see how this is an FML or a YDI.

Ur such an idiot. I'm guessing ur twice divorced and miserable. Not all marriages are sucky.

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And "clean the kitchen" and "cook me dinner."

38 you need a new calendar, I think yours is stuck in 1950.

People thinking MDS is ever serious? Weird. When did women kitchen jokes stop being funny Then again, I'm still blurting out "so's your face!"

They stopped being funny when people developed a sense of humor :)

Oh, I don't buy that. People still think slapstick comedy like The Three Stooges is funny, I don't think our sense of humor has evolved as much as you think. It remains pretty silly and underdeveloped.

shouldn't have to remind her lol she should enjoy pleasing her husband

Organization is an invaluable life skill. How long did she schedule the event? One hour? Two hours? Ten minutes?

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That's exactly 35 seconds longer than I need

Be happy your actually having sex OP, Some of us aren't as lucky.

The amount of inconsistency FMLers exhibit towards their love of correct grammar is ridiculous. "As long as it's not absolute garbage, your grammar doesn't matter if you're funny or doing some #REALTALK, but if we don't agree with you or think your sense of humor is terrible, WE WILL TEAR APART YOUR SINGULAR BRAINFART USAGE OF THERE INSTEAD OF THEIR!"

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FFS Concise, if anyone ever needed to stop commenting... "OH NOES, FML users have different opinions on an issue, how hypocritical!" I know you'll see your downvotes and tell yourself the people who gave them to you are sheep or stupid or whatever, but the simple fact is, your comment is just plain garbage. Yeah, "your" not "you're."

Once again you don't cease to disappoint. Very amusing, keep it up.

Also, not even sure how that last bit is relevant since I didn't criticize proper grammar or use an incorrect form of a word myself. Crazy how you haven't been banned; you're so hostile you make even *me* look like a saint.

At least she wants to have sex with you

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If that's the measure she needs to go to to get you to have sex then YDI!

It's FML, this place was made for us to judge others.

Well to be fair, some FML'S only tell half of the story. Some people do it because of the amount of space granted to them. Others only tell small pieces of what actually happened to make it sound different than the situation presented to them. What I'm trying to say is that as far as we know, OP's wife doesn't want to have sex, but knows it's unfair if her husband wants sex, so she sets a date on the calendar to try and maintain a minimum sex qouta. Or perhaps the OP and his wife have different schedules, so it's hard to find the time to change from a "lady in the streets" to a "freak in the sheets". Maybe you're all just jumping to the wrong collusions too quickly, without any knowledge besides the small sentence OP gave you.

I'm getting that your wife likes everything planned out

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Sex is not something you should plan out. It's supposed to be spontaneous and fun!

Yes, but unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way. I'm not saying it should be scheduled on the calendar, but maybe planned date nights. With work and kids it can be hard to find time, but it is very important to find the time in any way that works.

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Or unless they stopped having sex completely and shes trying to find a way to reconnect.

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That statement means you dont have kids.

Should be but I'm married too and found out quick that getting married means no more sex life. I feel sorry for OP but sometimes, that's just how it is unfortunately.

Planning sex builds the anticipation! Spontaneous is fine, but it's not the only good way to have sex.

This is bad that she wants to have sex with you? Unless you don't want her, I can't see how this is a bad thing. I've set alarms on my phone to wake me up so I can jump my man in his sleep.