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By Drewzter - 11/01/2010 03:33 - United States

Today, I found out that pinching the tip of the condom before you roll it down to the base is NOT a suggestion. FML
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Congrats on your future child. I hope you make enough at Burger King to afford it.

yukonesian 0

you should have said 'condom sense' ah boom cha!!


FMLoverAgain 7

how did it feel when your **** ripped through the condom?

Wtf? How do you expect them to work if there's no room for the actual sperm to go anywhere?

you'd be surprised how many people have no idea how to put a condom on

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I lost my virginity about 2/3/4 weeks ago, and when I went to the doctors about contraception, she told me to make sure he pinches the top of the condom when he puts it on. Yeah, so there's somewhere for the sperm to go. Or else it'll either burst the condom or come backwards xD. So, yeah, you know, it is a suggestion. (:

yukonesian 0

you should have said 'condom sense' ah boom cha!!

osemness 0

his **** was to small for him to feel it

TheMichaelIsFres 0

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tannarox 0

The female system is MADE TO ACCEPT SPERM, not fight it, you blithering idiot.

Blithering idiot? I thumbed your comment up for that phrase :D thank you for the smile.

actually it's not, the female system is made to kill sperm, hence only the best sperm are able to make it to the egg, the inside of the ****** is so acidic most of the sperm don't even make it to the uterus, granted this is out of about 10,000 sperm. you blithering idiot....

liz805 4

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She has got a point about woman's body rejecting sperm.... Annoyingly

Dear god, can some of you guys go take an Anatomy or Reproductive class, please?

monnanon 13

those saying the female system rejects aperm are correct. the ****** is acidic enough to kill sperm and the cervix also has its own little tricks to stop sperm getting through. even for those that make it there is not always an egg there for them to fertilise. i remember watching a program on it and thinking its a wonder anyone gets pregnant at all.

If the female anatomy is made to accept sperm then why do almost 98% of them die off before even getting close to the egg?

gatorgirl7563 22

You're right. I remember watching a documentary that described the ****** and other female parts related to reproduction as "a hostile environment" to sperm.

and who is the idiot that was desperate enough to have sex with you? i would say FHL instead.

caticaticati 3

I think you meant, "You're an idiot." Don't call someone an idiot if you can't do it with correct spelling and grammar. It makes you look like an idiot.

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And yes...using 'u' for you because you are too lazy to type two more letters also makes you look like an idiot.

LOL. You're telling someone not to be so picky about a comment when you just did the exact same thing :')

i agree... and this guy who corrected your grammar is my new hero

frankie1331 0

i thoght this was about the dude that didn't know how to put a condom on D:

lol think bout the thought process: "decent fml let me check comments. OMG THIS PERSON SAID YOUR INSTEAD OF YOU'RE!!! I'm gonna waste 15 seconds of my life typing this just so I can be a bitch ad get some attention cause I obviously am not creative enough to get responses without being a picky virgin attention whoring bitch." pick this U FU<K1NG 4tT3Nt10N wH0r3.

Toxxic_Blackout 0

Some of you really are idiots. She wasn't being a grammar Nazi, but the fact that the person she corrected was calling someone an idiot and not even using proper grammar when doing so, really does make that guy an idiot. I doubt #11 would have pointed it out if it had said " your cool " etc.

themikster 0

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agree with 35 just shut the hell up. NO ONE GIVES A FLYING **** :D

safirestar09 0

The smiley face at the end just makes you seem like a bitch. =D

my iq is 148. Internet grammar doesnt count for anything. so everyone shutup and get a life.

148 is also the number of girls I will get before you get 1 you nerd. Stick that up your ass and smoke it.

Glad to see everyone is getting along nicely

This is just a normal day in the FML commentary section.

Well THAT escalated quickly. also before you hate on people thoink about yurself and your IQ. i doubt his IQ is 148 but still, smart people are little bastards who will bite you in the ass everytime. myself included (i have an IQ of 115. 100 is average).

Erm, that's how you're supposed to do it... ^o) If it didn't work then you're doing it wrong.

He meant not a suggestion, but a must.

wow thanks #7 ur the only person that said that. now it makes sense

Congrats on your future child. I hope you make enough at Burger King to afford it.

haha i think he one-upped it and works at mcdonalds!! SO CLASSY!! :)

Robert3Ash 0

ok, that a little mean, assuming he works at burger king or McDonald. as far as we know here could be like u or the CEO of a company

I wish I could thumbs up it more than once lol:)

DirtyDiana_fml 0

Lmao you don't know this guy! Flippin' trolls.

perdix 29

How does having your spent wad trapped inside your **** feel?

LoudAsThunder 0

It actually hurts quite a bit...

josh203 0

for real. it hurts like hell!

lol @69 ..... I bet you do sweetie. lol. i bet you do :P