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Today, I had to give a 63 year old man a shot. He started bawling before I even brought out the needle. I tried to get him calm down. Then he grabbed the needle, threw it at me and ran out the door. FML
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Haha. At least he got straight to the "point." ;). Sorry...


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who wud have expected that?? lol

wait... you're not supposed to do that when you're done with a shot?

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at least he didn't stab you with it

He could have stabbed her had he thrown it hard enough.

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For some reason I don't like you. Its dumb but you look annoying. haa :)

patient lol, I would've picked up the needle and stuck that sucker in him, that should cure him of his needle throwing problem

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42 is a bitch! WTF dude. uncalled for.

42, must you sound like an incredibly distressed, hairy twat? Must you?

Sorry about that my WWII skills kicked in when I heard about shots.

WWII had been over for 3 years before that guy was born.. Even in hellboys universe the guy would've only just been born..

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I guess he just doesn't like pointy things..

1- nobody would have expected that.. that's why it's an FML.

1- nobody would have expected that.. that's why it's an FML.

haahha and u still lost? u weaj bastard

wtf 42? mintcar's posts are great. don't hate.

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uh my grandmas 97 she was in the world warII

No. During WWII most women worked in factories manufacturing ammunition and other such supplies for the men in the military. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

In order to be alive in WWII someone would have to be at least 66 years old as it ended in 1945 to have lived through the whole thing you'd have to be at least 72 and in order to have fought in it you'd have to be at least 82-88 now. So #88's grandmother would've been of working age at the start of the war. She may have worked in a factory or something. Some women worked as spies or decoding German messages from enigma machines. Or she may have been evacuated and not worked at all depending on what country she's from. The guy in OP's story however was born 3 years after the war ended and therefore would not have any 'WWII skills' to kick in as #53 suggested.

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yea I would have cried to:/

needles are ok :) but I've been diabetic for a third of my life so I had to get over any needlephobia i had pretty quickly... 

50, needles can hurt in the hands of inexperienced staff. You never know how experienced they are until they start! I have no problem with needles, even if they hurt!

58 - they hurt with experienced staff too...

Depending on the size of needle and what they're doing with it I don't tend to find they hurt. It's more likely to hurt when it's an inexperienced member of staff though.

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op must be a real prick to try and do that. im sticking up for the victim. thats the point im trying to make

When it comes to needles and pain, the only pain you feel is the medicine/vaccine itself going into your body. If you get blood drawn, all you feel is a pinch.

Haha. At least he got straight to the "point." ;). Sorry...

He didn't have to be a prick about it

I think OP accidentally added the "3" hahah

I don't see the "point" of throwing it at the OP.

aww that sucks but it's kinda sad he's 63 and still scared a needles

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hey a phobia knows no age, man.

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yeah, when I was younger... at kaiser they had the option of getting "air shots" which was basically a puff of air and whatever shot you were there for. I preferred those so much more than the needles, and now they're gone. and I hate shots. they hurt. 

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meh, shots aren't that bad. they literally take less than a second.

Some people have a phobia of needles. I'm assuming you're a nurse or something since you're giving out shots so you should be used to this.

Lesson learned: Don't buy shots for 63 year men.

*year old GODDAMN this second gen iPod with it's abysmal RAM making typing so slow and painful.

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Still have a second gen. eh?

Yup :/ When I type everything appears in delay, like an echo only in typing. I think I'll upgrade when the iPod 6 comes out.

omg someone else with a 2g iPod :D but I also have a first gen iPad so I cant complain 

I assume you mean 2nd gen iPod touch or 2nd gen iPhone... I have a 4th gen iPod classic so I get a little confused..

One would think that an older person would be used to needles. Oh well. I feel bad for him.

if he's that scared why even go in for the shot?