By prettybich - 15/05/2010 18:01 - United States

Today, I'm severely hungover. Upon returning home, I came to find that both of the elevators were out of order. I live on the 12th floor. FML
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you burnt calories from alcohol, congrats!

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Ydi for living in new york. we don't have twelve story tall buildings where I live. Dafp!

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lol what's wrong with living in New York?! I love the tall buildings :P lol

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is Sean aware that nyc is the nation's capital? lol

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I meant to add a lil "=p" in my previous comment to make it seem less...challenging?lol

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kiddnyc was that =p comment towards me???

Wow complaining because you have climb up to the twelfth floor while being hangover? pathetic really

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my bad Sean. I meant the world's capital. oops. Dee dee Dee lol

I wasn't tryna say anything bad about it just that if ya don't like the walking don't live there.

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Sean: true. or congested intersections loll

Yep we don't have to deal with that where we live but were also miles away from pretty much everything.

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is all wheels for you Sean. or a hover craft lo

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Sounds like a normal life problem to me hah.

I prolly walk up and down our stairs at least ten times daily though but that's spread out I don't really see how it's an fml though unless you have a broken leg or something.

Well boo hoo. Just suck it up and walk! it's no big deal. YSI for drinking more alcohol than you can handle

12th floor... thats not too bad! Suck it up.

ms Jessie u shud change ur name to ms Becky(if u don't no who that is then listen to Becky by Plies)

72- somebody already said that. I'm sure you already knew that though

oh and plies sucks. DAFP! FAFP!!!!!!!!

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NineOneOne.... There are plenty of **** sites to flirt on. Flirting on FML is just stupid.. Anyway OP, maybe don't get drunk?

wen did someone already post my comment illmatic

Gators- Yeah you already told me that on another fml. Do me a teensy favor? STFU. Thanks :)

hmm I didn't say that I think one of my friends said it though cuz he just posted that one he does that to people

Come on! Walking the steps is way funnier drunk than sober ;) This is no FML

Whatever, you and your friends can go grow up. I don't need to be harrassed by idiots.

no he just posts stupid stuff y do u care so much

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true i agree with Adriana and i like u r pic too

well if u care so much then I will tell him to stop but he just left my house

nineoneone u r so right. wat do u get from sucking up to a girl on fml u will never c them in ur life

aww I'm sorry yeah she's pissed at me cuz my friend posted something funny

911- Do you really expect me to keep track of all the creeps who hit on me? Gators- Stop talking about me like I'm not here.

yea gators I'm gonna just take a guess and say u were tryin to hit on Jessie and when she didn't respond like u were hoping u tried to blame it on a "friend"...sooo moral of the story is to just not do it

hey Jessie- you should know your gonna get harassed on these. you shouldn't care so much about it. geeez. :p

Well hales thanks for the advice but if someone repeatedly tells me I should change my name to reference a song about ******** then yeah I'm going say something. :p Geez.

Twelve flights of stairs walk of shame! Lmao! FYL

ohh Jessie I was unaware it was about ********. haha sorry.

122- Shut up and mind your own business. I am over it.

dude your drunk who cares walk up to the 2nd floor and pass out on the floor

umm no y wud I blame it on a friend geeze u people just agree with one another to seem cool get over it he thought it wud b funny

lol you guys just dont leave jessie alone :P your cute BTW jessie :) but hmm harassing people on fml, like go get another hobby xD

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gators & 911 i wouldn't mess with ms jessie, it sounds like she's on her period

jess chill out silly goose. this is fml, its very pointless to argue with the creepers or assholes. and u just end up making an ass out of yourself for stooping to their level.

Jessie is an ugly bitch anyways I mean really what type of chick takes a pic like that anyway? A fugly one

you are complaining about walking stairs? Wow really, FYL for walkin stairs. And maybe it will get you rid of your fat belly ..

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I live on the 12th floor in NY too :o

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^ I said something along those lines and my account was suspended, doesn't seem fair. Anyways, I just wanna say, if your making a big deal out of needing to go up 12 flights of stairs why are you posting it on FML @ the same time? wouldn't that Mae it worse?

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that sucks so much i remember when that happened to me on my old apartments

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I'm sure the exercise will be beneficial, and also prolong your walk if shame.

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ydi for being hungover noob!

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Well, maybe you ought to take better care of yourself and not abuse a drug like alcohol.

"YDI for drinking" ?! Are you serious ?!?!

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Alcohol was not made to get people drunk, it was made to be enjoyed for special occasions.

Actually it really was probably made to get people drunk, and drunk in moderation only because of it's healthier properties. Don't let the ads fool you, 'to be enjoyed in moderation' is very much a modern sentiment. You can see it in animals today- monkeys go crazy over fermented fruit, and not just on their birthdays!

You can be drunk and not beeing dangerous for society. The author had probably a party, and she couldn't imagine that her elevator was going to be broken. But she doesn't really deserve it what happens. Otherwise, it's not really a big problem, so...